fibre arts

Festival du Lin (Festival of Linen) in Normandy, France. [via Abigail Doan] was on from 4-6 July 2008. The following images are from IDtextile’s exhibit.


Love the work of Frances Trombly. Her solo show “thinking of things” was on at David Castillo Gallery (2234 NW 2 Avenue, Miami, Florida) from 10 May 2008 to 7 June 2008.

Her work gave a “profound pause for traditional sculpture practices and a new direction for often overlooked objects” “she has made both objects that are not normally made from fiber and others that normally are” “her work explores an aesthetic reconsideration of objects we would rarely give any pause other than their immediate use and eventual discarding” her work deals “with false realities, the artist’s work continues to explore labor, perception, women’s issues and history” [from the catalogue essay David Castillo Gallery]

Garden Hose, 2007, Crocheted cotton and metal hook, Site Specific installation at Casa Lin, Miami | Mop, 2008, Hand spun silver wool and cotton, wooden mop handle | Four Balloons, 2005, Crocheted cotton | Jo-Ann, 2007, Hand-embroidery on fabric | “Thinking of Things” installation view at David Castillo Gallery | Paper Corner, 2002, Hand-woven fabric

[thanks to Craftzine and my half of the brain for the links]