fun book

Here’s an easy idea to recycle all those junk mail envelopes.

Open envelope along one short side and remove contents, as pictured. Cut envelope in half or to desired size. Collect as many of these halves as you would like. They will be the pages of your book. Envelopes with windows are particularly desirable, as they add a fun see-through element to your book.

Alter and decorate envelope halves on both sides as you like. I used spray ink, rubber stamps, punched circles, stickers, etc. After they dry, arrange the pages in the order you would like them to appear. If you want, you can cut a separate cover for your book from cardstock or chipboard, but I liked leaving the book as is.

Bind your book. I used my Zutter Bind-it-All, but you could easily punch holes by hand and use binder rings, or sew using a book binding stitch.

Create tags to slip into the pockets of the envelope halves using scraps of cardstock or whatever you please! Use scraps of ribbon to create tabs along the tag edges. Embellish with photos, quotes, or more rubber stamping.

Enjoy your book once it’s finished or make another one as a gift!

About the designer:
Kristina currently lives in Texas with her husband and goofy wirehaired dachshund. Paper crafts and photography are her first loves, but she occasionally beads, sews, and paints Byzantine icons as well. You can visit her blog.