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Nerds and knitting seems to go hand in hand. Geeky crafts abound on the internet. You just have to look up nerd or geek on Ravelry or Etsy to see that.

Because Joan of Dark (a/k/a Toni Carr) is discussing her new book  Knits for Nerds here tomorrow I thought I would get into the nerdy geeky knitting spirit a little bit first. 

So you are a knitter and a nerd – a sci-fi or math or robotics geek – or your loved ones are anyway. And you want to knit what you love – something nerdy. Start by searching for nerd or geek on Ravelry. A whole slew of Dr Who and Computery type stuff comes up. Then narrow down your search with some more defined search terms like Harry Potter or Math. And you’ll find some cool things like these…

  1. Irrationally Constant Mittens by Lisa Stockebrand
  2. Cthulhuclava by Anne-Marie Dunbar
  3. Love Bytes (Robot Mittens) by Grace Schnebly
  4. Atomic Blocks: The Periodic Table by Alegria DaSilva
  5. Microprocessors by Heatherly Walker
  6. Doctor Who Scarf – Season 12 by Chris Brimelow

  1. Hermione’s Scarf by Freshisle Fibers
  2. The Oncoming Storm by Laura Isaac
  3. Fractal Cowl by Emily Peters
  4. #20 Pi Vest by Kate Williams
  5. Binary by Christine Dumoulin
  6. TARDIS Socks by Keladry Bonnett

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bring out the geek in you and knit and crochet some of these fun, silly and strange patterns.

Math + science

binary scarf (image}
dna scarf
babies first dna model
knitted bacteria
math geek hat
linux scarf
linux mittens
Lorenz Manifold – ravelry link
knitted dice

sci-fi / popular culture

startrek potholders (image)
knitted darlek
R2D2 Beanie
space invaders socks BMP
Baby yoda hat [ravelry link]
mario brothers mushrooms
Magnetic Katamari Pattern
super mario toy
knitted tardis
space invaders hat
tardis socks [ravelry link]
wonder woman sweater
aviator hat
spiderman afghan
Doctor who (Tom Baker) Scarf
blue totoro toy
Transformers toque
dalek doily [ravelry] chart


tutorial for this super cute crochet yoda.


for all the geek crafters out there – knitted pacman pattern.

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Oh I love this doodle jump mini quilt by mrsmcporkchop – have been playing this iphone game recently – we are just a little bit addicted.