Getting colder – and wanting to be a bit hip? Knit something!

Let me introduce you to “Stickkontact” – a Swedish hard core guerrilla knitting project. Al knitting is created anonymously – exposed in public – and documented.

Even if it’s carried out without permission I’d never compare it to graffiti. This can be removed within a few minutes – and without causing any harm. It’s a wonderful, playful and highly humorous project radiating a kind, intelligent energy. Anyway, I find it hard not to smile when facing a sculpture like Jannica and the doll’s pram – wearing wrist and legwarmers!

(Photo credit: Maurice Flower/Flickr)

About the author: Hanne is a mixed media artist from Aarhus, Denmark and blogs at heaven and earth.


The wooster collective – one of my fave sites is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.

art in a run down building. || candle street art from know hope – KNOW HOPE is an artists from Tel-Aviv who creates handmade drawings out of paper and then lites them up with candles. || cardboard art in Melbourne || on the streets in Chile || on the streets of San Francisco || Moss graffiti by Edina Tokodi

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