granny square

I am toying with the idea of making a granny square sampler afghan [inspired by this and this and this and this] and have been researching square designs… I am finding the Crafty minx and Adaiha’s and Ruth’s Granny a Day Projects very inspiring and fun.


oh I love this colour combination in this crochet granny square rug – and these granny squares are just a little different – like sunflowers on a stormy day. Kasa has a great tutorial – in german – or use the google translate tool – lots of great images anyway.


l’m in what about you – attic24 is granny is granny striping a rug – looks do-able! – and pretty.


meet me at mikes is starting up granny a day craft challenge again this year – she really wants to finish her granny square quilt – along with making granny squares she is also going to run a series of how-tos on her blog.

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I have been inspired to some granny squares [uhm actually circles but who is measuring] of my own. Inspired by the granny along [organised by pip] – here is some more granny square inspiration for you.

Woodland granny square : granny square ring : tiny granny squares : granny square scarf :

granny hexagons : granny spirals : mini granny necklace : colourful squares :