I live in Australia. We don’t do Halloween here – although maybe some of the commercial aspects. Did you know that the turnip was originally a symbol of Halloween – but now it is the pumpkin – because of its size and ease of carving. You can read more about Halloween here.

Every day in the weeks leading up to Halloween I have found a few pumpkin related recipes and craft ideas in my Pinterest feed – so I thought I would have a bit of a pumpkin celebration post here – I love pumpkin (there are a couple of recipes here that I want to try – I tend to be more of a pumpkin savoury recipe sort of person – I love roast pumpkin – that is my fave!).

Image from here

Pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin decoration

Knitting Designer series [link to whole series HERE]

Our knitting designer series continues …

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ANY food in a jar is a winner as far as I’m concerned and Vanessa also offers the cutest free downloadable labels for your spooky cookies this Halloween. Link.


Letter from a reader Ellen who is asking for ideas for making a purple halloween costume for her son from a bright purple Bed, Bath & Beyond bag. please post your ideas and links to tutorials here – or head over to Ellen’s blog.

Hi, Kathreen. My name is Ellen, I recently found your blog, it’s amazingly inspirational. I’m a magazine editor; on the side, I write a blog about my little boy, Max, who has not-so-bad cerebral palsy. The blog’s pretty upbeat and, on occasion, sort of silly, because life is sort of silly.

here is an excerpt from her post;
Let’s say your little boy is obsessed with the color purple. “Ur-ul! Ur-ul!” he says approximately every 4.5 minutes, because that’s his way of saying “purple.” And let’s say you are in Bed, Bath & Beyond on a Saturday and a salesperson walks by carrying this extremely large plastic bag. And it is purple. Gloriously, stunningly purple. … You get excited. You’re not sure you felt this giddy when you registered for china. Because the wheels are spinning in your head and you are thinking, “Wow, that could make for one cool Halloween costume.” You nod enthusiastically and she hands you the bag. You have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with it, but hey, it is big. And it is PURPLE.


So much Halloween stuff going on – here are a few more goodies to get you in the mood – if you celebrate that is.

felt jack-o-lantern


fun pumpkin penguin – for the kids – and another costume for a pumpkin at dollar store crafts and zakka life.
Halloween Pillow Box – free printable
dreadlock wig for halloween
the yummy mummy’s hand – too funny – great for the kids
glitter candy ornaments
Halloween found object tree
Halloween papercraft invitations – lovely and gothic
Halloween Tombstones and Ghost Gourds
recycled halloween paper bag bowls [see image above]
painted pumpkins [via how about orange]
homemade candy corn
for the kids – make your own spider web [via the crafty crow]
Betz White’s felt jack-o-lantern wall hanging [see image above]
simple crafty pumpkin idea with sweet paul
Robotic rovin pumpkin – love this geek halloween diy
bloody pumpkins [via geek craft]
how to make a fake beard


with Halloween just around the corner you need get your Halloween
knitting projects started and finished quick. Here are some fabulous
knitting projects – some quick – some might take a wee bit longer – from
skulls to pumpkins and everything in between.

spider scarf

Shawls + Scarves + Mitts + Slippers
spider scarf – free ravelry download [see pic]
Spiderman afghan
Skull Illusion Scarf
Yorick skull scarf
skully fingerless mitts
elf slippers

knit wings

Knitted costumes
Handy Spider Webs (ravelry download)
Knitted eyepatch (ravelry download)
Bokaclava (Bok is a gargoyle/demon from Doctor Who episode ‘The Daemons’)
Jackyll & Hyde mask
knitted ninja mask
Allete knitted wings [see pic]
Little red riding hook cloak
Elvis wig
crochet moustache hat costume
Witch hat
masquerade mask
spiderweb bra
felted crown (lion brand free pattern – need to sign in)
crochet witches hat

yoda hat

Halloween themed hats
Felted baby yoda hat [see pic – project pic from laurenswool]
witch cats hat
Oblio’s cap
candy corn crochet hat
baby pumpkin hat
crochet kitty hat
skull hats

bat dishcloth

batty, skully and kitty dishcloths [see pic]
Illusion candy corn dishcloth
pacman and ghost dishcloth
‘boo’ baby dishcloth

knit pumpkin

knitted felted pumpkins
autumn pumpkins
miniature felted pumpkins
fall pumpkins [see pic]
great pumpkin


Skulls + skeletons
Algormortis teapot cosy
skull knitting chart
skull and crossbones lace
Day of the dead crochet skull
Las Calacas Danzantes Socks [see pic]
jack skeleton doll

candy corn cat

for your pets
skull dog coat
candy corn cat sweater [see pic]

skull bag

Treat bags
candycorn bag (lionbrand pattern – you need to sign in)
pacman bag
catch his eye – bag
skull and crossbones felted bag
Hello yarn skull tote
knit like a pirate bag [see pic – image from jeanniefanihi ravelry user]

killer tomato

Knitted toilet paper
knitted eyeballs
giant eyeball from dominknitrix
Amigurumi Spider
Futurama’s Brain Slugs
Psychotic Tomato [pic from SylvChezPlum]
cute candy corn
crochet candy corn at lionbrand
chauncey the softie skull
severed finger
knitted and felted bat (lionbrand)