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Playful Hand puppets (Puppet Pals)

These playful hand puppets are sure to keep everyone amused – make a few with different outfits, and you could even let your kids design the facial expressions.

You will need:
20x40cm / 7.5x15inches piece of fun fabric (for body)
20x40cm 7.5x15inches piece of plain fabric (for face and hands)
Wools scraps (for hair)
Lace, buttons, bows, ribbon and ric-rac (for decoration)
Pillow stuffing

Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle + pins
Permanent fabric markers

[Note: Seam allowances are included in the pattern.]

Step 1.
Print the pattern pieces below on your printer, you might need to enlarge the pieces slightly when printing. Cut out the pattern pieces, then use the pattern to cut your fabric: (print and enlarge the pieces to fit your printer paper)
Cut 2x body from fun fabric
Cut 4x hands from plain fabric
Cut 2x head from plain fabric

Step 2.
Decorate the front of the body: Attach lace, buttons or bows, sew these to your body front by hand or by machine.
Draw your face onto face piece. Copy the design here or make up your own. Use permanent fabric markers, crayons or paints.

Step 3.
Sew the hands and head to the body section: Place your hand and head pieces with the straight edges aligned with the straight edges of the body piece as per the photos, and with right sides facing down, pin and then sew. Do this for the front and the back, ensuring the thumbs on the hands are always facing upwards. Press these seams

Step 3.
Pin then sew the front and the back of the body together, right sides facing. Leave the bottom of the body open and hem this bottom opening with a zigzag stitch.
Turn the puppet right side out, making sure to push out the thumbs on the hands.

Step 4.
Use a little stuffing to push into the hands and head, giving some definition to these bits.
Make the hair with your wool scraps. Plait long sections or tie some short bits together – experiment with different hair styles. Then sew onto the top of the head by hand, attaching in a couple of places.

Your puppets are now ready to test drive.

Kathreen Ricketson Whipup.net


101 puppets

by kath_red on 24/09/2008

in Paper+Mixed Media

Puppet website: 101 Puppets
[Thanks Kate for sending this link on]

Here are one hundred and one puppets for you. The list begins with a handkerchief puppet that you can make with a twist of the wrist, and ends with a modern version of the giant and elaborate puppets of Osaka, Japan. Some of the ideas are brand-new; some are as old as history. If you were to construct and operate them all, you could consider yourself a master puppeteer. On the other hand, you will come to know, as every good puppeteer does, that the simplest hand puppet is often the best.

Here is a selection: instant puppet :: matchbox monster :: talking story book :: stocking puppets :: Hilda hand puppets :: shadow puppets