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Kata Golda’s Hand-Stitched Felt: 25 Whimsical Sewing Projects Kata Golda, STC Craft/A Melanie Falick Book (October 1, 2009).

Kata Golda’s hand stitched felt lovelies have a gentle rhythm that is witty, tender and wise. They evoke an endless sense of longing – of childhood, innocence and a simpler time and life.

Kata Golda uses the simplicity of felt and hand stitching to create beguiling and precious objects – darling characters with unique features, mismatched patches and folk style stitching all create an atmosphere of harmony that is both dignified and very chic.

Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and patterns, together with the simple loveliness of small felt toys, bags, organisers and blankets make this book appealing to a broad range of crafters – from children to artists and all in between.


thank you craftzine for pointing me to this stitch artist and Katies stitched linen love notes.




by kath_red on 28/05/2009

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new (to me) stitching site MrXStitch – contemporary embroidery and needlecraft – ‘pushing boundaries of the threadiverse; people who make amazing art using the power of stitch’. This site is giving me lots of laughs and introducing me to new realms of stitchery – (beware its a little bit naughty [sometimes]- but lots of fun and super creative).



Images: Beefranck and Mr X Stitch

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Am loving this stitch series from Sharonb’s pin tangle blog – here is the latest: how to stitch a needle woven picot.

needle woven picot stitch