I am very happy to welcome Laura Nelkin from Nelkin Designs, who is going to show us how to knit some cute wee hearts for Valentines day.

I love love LOVE to create and I split my work hours between my knit design venture – Nelkin Designs, and teaching knitting across the US, I am also the design director at Schaefer Yarn Company.

Oh my, how fun to knit up these wee Lil’ Hearts. Every year at Valentine’s Day I surprise my loved ones with tiny hand-made valentines, and this year they are getting these. The girl will get hers tucked into her lunch box, my honey will find his nestled among his tea bags when he goes to make his morning cuppa! You can make a slew of them and string them as a banner, or tie a ribbon through one and use it as a present topper or wine bottle accessory. Use your imagination on how to surprise your Valentine… It will take you less than an hour to make one of these, so sit down with a cup of hot tea and whip up some love with your needles.

Download the PDF pattern right here.

Wee Lil’ Hearts

These wee hearts are knit in the round with 3 double pointed needles. Each side of the heart is on one needle, and the third is used as the working needle. They are knit at a dense gauge to give the heart structure, and so the stuffing doesn’t show! Adding beads is optional… I do love that bit of bling, but it is not necessary!

There are video tutorials for some of the techniques used in the pattern, casting on in the round over a small number of sts and placing beads here.


I love these felt conversation hearts from Lavender and limes – [also check out the mini bunting tutorial]

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These would also be super cute made from felt! Link to tutorial.


Hearts á la Carl Larson: Vintage style Christmas ornaments. Stuffed hearts made out of second hand textiles (shirts, tablecloth and tea towels) embellished with yoyo’s, lace or cut out pieces of embroidery. Great for decorating your home for Christmas – hang at the door or cupboard handle – or wrap nicely and use as an informal hostess gift.

How to do:
Draw a heart template on a piece of cardboard and cut out.

Place the heart template on your fabric and cut out two hearts. If you want to add lace or embroidery – do it now then stitch together the two pieces.

Put the two hearts right to right and pin to keep in position. Make a loop of (5-6 inches long) of ribbon or string and insert it at the top of the heart – in between the two layers. Be sure both ends of the ribbon/string will go to the edge.

Stitch the two fabric pieces together, taking a ½ inch (1 cm) seam (be sure both ends of the loop are in the seam) and leave a 1 ½ inch opening.

Turn right side out. Stuff the heart and stitch the opening by hand, voila!

About the designer: Hanne is a mixed media artist, teacher and writer from Denmark. She blogs at heaven and earth and has an etsy shop.