Here and Now

My here and now

by kath_red on 14/08/2012

in my life

A little midweek photo essay – ‘My Here and Now’. 

 For my birthday I received an ereader – something that I have been researching and mulling over and thinking about. So very glad someone else took it upon themselves to make the decision – A Nook was chosen and I do love it very much. Similar to the Kindle, slightly different shape, but with the same nice features, touch screen and back light for night reading is handy, the Nook takes epub files rather than mobi files, which means I can borrow ebooks from libraries. Right now I am reading all of Jane Austen – which are available online for free from various sources – Project Gutenberg being one of them.

Our fire is going well, we now have a pile of wood to chop and stack, kindling to collect and a hearth to sweep. And amidst the clutter we have a little spring.

What is your Here and Now?