One of the biggest pleasures for me during holidays is the food – the cooking, the smells and tastes, and the family pushing and shoving — uhm gathering around to appreciate all that you do for them. Food = love = family = togetherness.

This long weekend I am camping with my family. We go to our favourite spot on the coast with a few friends and their kids and their bikes and the fishing gear, and we swim, we light the fire, we cook slow foods (and hopefully some freshly caught fish too), we bring home baked goods to share, there is usually an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos who want to participate (uhm all of them) and we have a really lovely time with really special friends.

A few weeks ago my family and I put together the Action Pack Magazine for kids – the Easter Edition – only $4, so you too can share some lovely family time. It is filled with some easy and some more challenging recipes, crafts and (edible) science that kids can do — meanwhile you can put your feet up and enjoy the fact that your kids are independent and creative and congratulate yourself on your marvellous parenting skills by trusting them in the kitchen and giving them the freedom to grow!

If like me you are planning on a little camping adventure then you might want to grab our Great Outdoors Action Pack Magazine which is a big book full of fun outdoor science, adventure, games, cooking and art.

I have put together a few special recipes from around the web so you too can get into the holiday spirit. Decorate some eggs, bake some delicious foods, and have a lovely special holiday weekend.

Dyed Easter crafts

Foodie Easter Craft Recipes


Happy Christmas dear ones – Happy solstice and Happy Hanukkah – happy {what ever you celebrate } day to you and to your family – from me and my family.

I will be away from this space for a few days – but if you are bored – check in over the next week for some things to do from the archives. {and you can always get an Action Pack magazine – full of boredom busting activities for the kiddos and for you!}


Happy holidays everyone! I hope this makes you laugh and dance!

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Repurpose produce bags for gift wrap [image above]

Print your own wrapping paper

Print your own fabric gift wrap

Tissue paper and doilies to dress up your gift wrap

Dress up a plain white gift wrap with string and a cute toy

Make gift bags from newspaper

Recycled printed pages for pretty wrapping

Textured gift wrapping ideas

make recycled bows from newspaper to dress up your gift wrap

lots more gift wrapping and other holiday ideas in Sweet Paul magazine


10 garlands to make

by kath_red on 16/12/2010

in Holidays

Make a crochet jingle bell garland [image above]

make a twisted felt garland

Make a needle-felt ball garland

Make a pinecone garland

Make a felt ball garland

Make a snowflake garland

Make a doily garland

Make a crochet triangle garland

Make this pompom straw garland

Make a folded felt garland