this looks like a fun way to while away an afternoon – a paper sphere decoration made of recycled papers, and its colour scheme can be colour coordinated to fit into any room. Big chinese lantern like lights are so hot right now and this craft is a modest, free take of it that can add an element of surprise in any room.


Felt Furnishings: 25 Accessories for Contemporary Homes by Anne Kyyro quinn. Potter Craft (April 14, 2009).

I am sort of completely and utterly in love with this book – fantastic projects and really clear, concise and well photographed instructions.

The designs themselves are really modern but still warm and lush, functional without being boring, simple but not simplistic. There are some really nifty and interesting techniques showcased they are all beautifully styled. Anne uses commercially available wool felt in her project and while she discusses making felt yourself there are no instructions for doing so.

Gorgeous home decor projects – like circle ruffle cushion, 3D rosette cushion (from the front cover), I quite the pleated magazine holder and the snipped pleated throw and the cut out table runner is very nice. There are some great techniques showcased too – such as cut outs, pleating, scribble sewing, weaving (in the stuffed woven pillow), there is a wonderful ottoman showcasing cut spiral surface detailing.

As will many craft books, not all the projects are going to appeal to everyone – but there are more than enough in here to please me. And I so impressed with the photography in this book – the gorgeous close up details, and the excellent process shots.

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books: the paper home

by kath_red on 25/07/2008

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The Paper Home: Side Tables, Clocks, Bowls, and Other Home Projects Made from Paper by Labeena Ishaque published by Potter Craft (April 8, 2008).

A very stylish book with projects made out of paper for around the home. To give you an idea – the projects include paper woven platters, papier mache ‘shapes’, decoupaged chair, plaited (braided) newspaper bowl, chess set, wall hangings, lampshades, calendar etc. There is a range of paper techniques used (those mentioned above) as well as paper cutting, folding, pleating, glueing. And a range of materials used such as cardboard (in the corrugated card clock featured on the cover) and the foam board table.

There are lots of little cute and whimsical projects that are simply fun – like making paper flowers and little gift boxes, origami paper cranes are explored and a funny little paper vase. There are more serious projects for home decorating – I really like the decoupage chair using newspaper and tissue paper and the continuous calendar is really simple and clever. The paper placements is a really cute concept – although one not meant to last beyond the special dinner party.

If you love working with paper and are interested in some really clever and unique decorating ideas then give this book a go.


I simply love the fabric covered kitchen cupboards at Tres Chic Veronique. And she shows us how she did it!


book: vintage vavoom

by kath_red on 09/05/2008

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Vintage Vavoom: Romantic Decorating with One-of-a-Kind Finds by The Editors Of Romantic Homes, published by Clarkson Potter (December 31, 2007).

This is a book all about how to create a vintage/romantic style for your home. It includes tips for collecting, displaying and caring for your pieces.

But what really is ‘vintage vavoom’ (apart from a crazy name), its an eclectic style – decorative vintage, romantic, with collections of heirloom objects, vintage linens and crockery, with personal meaning as well. It is an instinctive decorative style – a mix of various eras, that comes together because of the personal meaning underpinning it.

This style is not supposed to be precious, yet obviously there will be treasured items that need looking after. Its a comfortable style – with layers of stories, memories as well as objects and styles. Objects such as vintage linens, faded quilts, an assortment of coloured glassware combined with your collection of animal salt and pepper shakers. It is nostalgic and worn and slightly rumpled.

There is a rather large section of the book taken up with shopping and collecting and getting inspired by shop styling. As well as showcasing shops there are also homes – some of which are more real and practical than others. This style might not be for those with small children running around – with its emphasis on nic-nacks. It is a lovely book, lots of yummy images as well as some practical tips on how to get this look.

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