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Guest blogger: Cam from CurlyPops

Well, hello there dear Whipup.net readers, my name is Cam and I have a little crafty blog named CurlyPops. I’m super chuffed to be guest blogging here today.

My sister recently bought me an e-Reader, and so I desperately need to make a padded pouch so that I can throw it in my handbag without worrying about it getting scratched or damaged. I thought that whipping up a little crafty project for myself presented the perfect opportunity for sharing a tutorial so that you can also make your own.

I’m currently testing out some samples from my new fabric range, and so I’m using my granny square fabric as a feature in this project. Enjoy!

Download the 4 page PDF tutorial here.


Guest blog: Helen at Curlybirds

Thank you, Kathreen, for inviting me to write a guest post. It is always a thrill to be on Whipup.net and amongst such a talented group of people.

As the beginning of school is upon us, I am sharing a tutorial to make an iPod cover. In fact, this cover can easily be made for any mobile device including an iPod, iPad or Kindle… The one we are going to make today is for my husband – who is a professor and is about to start teaching after a summer of research. The ‘e’ is not only the first letter of his name, but also a mathematical symbol widely used in engineering (yes he is an engineering professor!)


  • Felt in 2 different colors (2.5 x 9inch and 2.5 x2 inch) or big enough to snugly fit your mobile device
  • Embroidery silk
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut the felt to size to snugly fit your mobile device – 2.5 x 9inch for an iPod.

Step 2: To make the initial – Print out the desired letter from your computer. Roughly cut out the letter, pin it to the contrasting felt and carefully cut it out. I used Times New Roman, italics, bold, 240 pt.

Step 3: Place the letter in the desired location on the felt cover – I placed the ‘e’ in the top right-hand corner. Pin the letter to the felt cover and sew (whip stitch) using 2 threads of embroidery silk.

Step 4: Fold the felt cover in half to form a pouch. Pin and sew using whip stitch.

Here are a few more examples of covers I have made – the possibilities are endless!