jewelry advent calendar

Anne Weil loves to make things of all sorts. She is a working mother of three.  Don’t ask her to decide which is her favorite craft: knitting, photography, jewelry-design, paper crafts, or sewing.  Instead, she just makes, designs and takes photos as much as she can possibly squeeze in to her crazy life and blogs about it at
I never know what will bring me to my next creative project. This jewelry collection just seemed to spring up like it was meant to happen. It all started because my boys are obsessed with legos. They are obsessed to the point that when I saw the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar this year, I started jumping up and down. Luckily, the boys’ birthdays are close enough to the holidays to justify a birthday purchase for their advent calendar. But, this left me stymied for Allie.  How could the boys have something wonderful to open every day and she have nothing?  That’s when I decided to make her a little special something for every day leading into Christmas.  I wasn’t sure I could come up with that many unique jewelry designs all at once, but once I started, I couldn’t stop.  I have had a ball creating each and every one of these designs. They are all so simple and easy to make – but they come out so darn cute!  I am tickled pink . . . and blue and yellow and green.

This page will hold the entire collection at the end of the month.  Right now, there are photos of everything I’ve made so far.  Just click on the photo and it takes you to a tutorial that shows you how to make it, too.  There are so many amazing handmade advent calendars out there, why not fill them with beautiful hand made gifts?  The bonus is that many of these tutorials are easy to do with your girls.  Or, have your boys make something sweet for their sister or friend.  How thoughtful!  What a great way to make handmade gifts for others.
Many Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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