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After the awesome kids blog post from a few days ago, I was reminded of heaps more super cool family and kids blogs, and thanks to reader suggestions I was introduced to a heap of new-to-me blogs as well. So here are more awesome kids + family blogs you should check out!

  • Caro & Co: An Australian blog – I love what its all about “sharing information, tips and inspiration on how to engage children with nature, outdoors, food and food sources and healthy living.”
  • The Grass Stain Guru: With blog posts like “Can’t miss childhood moments” which include things like, wading in a creek and building a fort – and added to this I love the about page: “childhood was meant to be messy. Muddy. Slimy. Silly. And most of all, joyful.”
  • Natural pathways: Hannah’s blog is all about reconnecting with nature and learning bush survival skills. In the about page: “it is her wish to bring [children] closer to Nature through Nature Awareness activities and hands on experience with survival/bushcraft skills.”
  • Little green fingers: Getting kids hooked on gardening … yes please!
  • Penniless parenting: learning to be frugal and living on less.
  • Progressive pioneer: Natural parenting
  • Let the children play: Early childhood teacher and her passion for children
  • Picklebums: “An eclectic jumble of this and that.” Sounds like my kind of place! (Also an Aussie blog)
  • Little eco footprints: Another fellow Aussie blog – “living closer to nature; having space to grow food; having a teeny little ecological footprint; and being part of a community.”
  • Tinker lab: Creative experiments for little kids
  • Kids in the studio: letting kids express themselves through art
  • Giddy Giddy: Colourful and creative with kids
  • Curly birds: The art of play
  • Mini-eco: Great kids crafts and activities
  • Paintcutpaste: Inspiring young artists
  • Quirky mama: Learning through play – lots of great ideas and projects

Images from: progressive pioneer :: mini eco :: Giddy giddy

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For more kids craft, creative ideas and activities go to the Action Pack website

As I am gearing up to launch Issue 4 of Action Pack – my e-mag just for kids!, I am getting drawn into and discovering lots of interesting and cool blogs for kids, for grown-ups with kids, about kids and about families – everything kids really. And as a mother with 2 kids – I am all about looking for cool activities, crafts, ideas and experiences to enrich our lives together. Here a few cool kids blogs you should check out.

Please leave a link to your favourite (or your own) kid/family/parenting blog so we can explore and discover more.