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As I am finishing off editing and sending off the next Action Pack – my e-mag just for kids for proofing, and making last minute adjustments and additions I am really excited to be able to launch the new Action Pack website.

On the new website you will find our new Action Pack affiliate program – where you can earn 20% promoting the Action Pack on your website – find out more and sign up here. Please email me [kathreenATwhipupDOTnet] if your questions have not been answered in our FAQ page or Affiliate terms of agreement page. Find out more about the Action-Pack here – you can also access freebies and downloadables which will give you small taste of what you will find inside.

When I [Kathreen] put together the first issue of Action Pack, it was sort of an experiment for me and my family. With quitting my day job I needed to do something to make up that lost income and what could be more appropriate than doing something that is closest to my heart – my kids and crafts! Before you get all crazy that I am exploiting my kids let me explain that we have a lot of fun doing the projects together and they agree on every photo that I use. They also design some of the projects themselves and initiate many of the ideas – when we are on a roll we are all really humming along together like crazy. We make and test all the projects together, Rob the kids and I, fiddling and adjusting and tweaking until we are all happy with how they are coming together. The kids have some really strong ideas on how the projects should look, what materials we should use and how they should be presented, as well as what projects eventually go into each pack and what image should appear on the cover! We also all discuss upcoming themes and they influence our choices very highly – it’s a real family affair.

Luckily we all have the skills to work together and bring it all to fruition. I have worked for magazines and publishing for years, doing design and layout (which I loved) and advertising (which I hated), plus I have years of experience as a photographer and more recently a writer. My husband Rob is a technical genius, a creative whizz and a crazy inventor – also a very talented illustrator. And the kids [Otilija 11years and Orlando 8 years] are just pure inspiration and creative energy. Together we make a pretty great team.

It seemed the perfect time to put together something like this – a magazine for kids. The magazines for kids in the newsagents are pure rubbish, full of cheesy pop stars, makeup advice and lots of advertising. There are many great blogs dedicated to kids activities, but these are aimed at the parents rather than the kids – so that is where the Action Pack fits in. For kids, with No ads, encouraging healthy living and eating, teaching in a gentle and fun way and offering interesting and alternative crafts and activities to get stuck into without the need for a lot of parental intervention and supervision (for older kids – younger ones still need parents help). All of this helps kids to be more involved in their own life, rather than just sitting around and waiting for others to make their decisions and tell them how to have fun. Its about empowering them to be the best they can be, to think about making the right choices and to connect with nature and their own creative selves.

We also felt very strongly that there is a great need for more projects and crafts for boys! And not just boyish stuff. We want to show kids that boys can sew and girls can hammer – that all kids have the skills and competence to tackle anything they want. Every kid loves to cook, and learning to cook is a huge step toward healthy living and eating. We introduce a new craft each month that both boys and girls can put their own spin on. We are really into the outdoors and believe kids should be outside exploring in all weather. And we are big fans of scientific discovery – you will see quite a few science experiments within these pages. Sometimes we will include a safety warning, and that means that parents should assess the activity and their children’s ability before leaving them alone with that project.

We also decided early on that these Action Packs need to be affordable for the regular family. We would rather sell 500 copies for $5 each than just a few copies at a higher price. We want to get these mags out there into the hands of the people who need them the most – families!

We also have a strong belief in no advertising for children. I am not against advertising in general, its an essential part of how many bloggers and websites make an income (me included). But for the most part those blogs and websites are aimed at adults and the advertising is appropriate. Adults can make choices about what to read, what to spend money on and what is necessary – we can tune out the commercial excesses if we choose. Kids don’t need all that extra rubbish clouding their vision, crowding their senses, blocking their creativity. They also don’t need to buy more stuff, which is what advertising is all about. So these Action Packs are ad free and will remain so for the immediate future. All that means of course is that you, my dear readers, need to fork out a few dollars (just a cup of coffee) to purchase the Action Pack – so I can keep creating these mags and feeding my family. Which segues nicely back into my affiliate program for the Action Pack. If you want to get involved, support a great indie venture, and earn a few bucks in the process become an affiliate and purchase an Action Pack.