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Guest blogger: se7en + 1

Hi Whip-up Readers, we are so happy to be visiting you all today!!! We are a family with se7en + 1 kids and we hail from sunny South Africa.

We are going on an epic road trip later this year… and my kids have been packing and planning for weeks. They have heaps of ideas for the hours in the car and we thought we would put together a tin can of games. We had been saving this biscuit tin since Christmas, just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

You are going to need:

  • Sheets of card cut to the size of your tin lid.
  • Contact paper.
  • We have been collecting those magnets that you get on the back of fridge flyers, they are really easy to cut with kitchen scissors.
  • Markers, paints, whatever for decorating.
  • Buttons and other necessary inspiration for game pieces.
  • So here we go se7en + 1 games in a tin can.

Checkers: We used an eraser stamp to make our board and then buttons for game pieces. We glued our game board to a piece of colorful card and slipped a piece of flat fridge magnet between the layers of card. Then we stuck a sheet of protective contact paper onto the board. We snipped a strip of magnet into small pieces and glued a small magnet to each button. Our game is ready to play and no pieces will go flying about the car because they all stick to the tin lid.

Snakes and Ladders: Make another board using an eraser stamp… we also snipped some ladders from card and some small plastic snakes. We glued teeny tiny magnets to the snakes and ladders and we were almost good to go. We just needed a dice, and I saw this brilliant idea for (a travel dice on Pinterest) this week: pop your dice in a small transparent box, shake away and place on the table… no dashing after the dice!!!

Paper Dolls: My daughters love paper dolls, so we made a couple using this (very quick paper doll tutorial), covered them in contact paper and popped a magnet onto the back of the pieces… and paper dolls are good to go.

The Dot to Dot Game: Pop a sheet of graph paper on to a piece of card and mark a dot at each corner of each box on the paper. Pop a magnet between the paper sheets and then cover in contact paper. Using fridge whiteboard pens, they come with little magnets on them… you can now play the box-dot game. Each player has a color and takes turns to mark a line between two dots at the end of the game. The person with the most closed boxes at the end of the game wins.

Scrabble or any number of word games: You can find printable (scrabble pieces for free right here). Print out your sheet of scrabble letters, cover them in a sheet of contact paper and pop a magnet onto the back of each piece. We popped some graph paper onto a piece of colored card and our game was good to go.

A Mini Road Trip: We just painted a road onto a piece of card and laminated it. We stuck a magnet onto the base of the car, so that it grips but not too tightly, and it can’t go flying and get lost. Part of the appeal for our youngest, who is the biggest fan of the mini-road trip, loved that their was a little box just big enough to store his car in.

A Tangram Game: A quick online search will give any number of printable tangrams. We made our tangram pieces and then stuck some puzzles onto the card… some were easy and some were hard!

Doodle Cards: My kids like freedom and they insisted on a couple of blank cards… So I covered a couple of plain sheets of card in contact paper and they are good for doodling with the fridge markers. And a few packets of stickers will add to the fun because they can be peeled and restuck only about a million times on a laminated sheet of card.

And that’s our can of games…

Here it is packed and ready to go: With plenty of room for some of our favorite card games and pipe cleaners… because seriously what is a road trip without pipe cleaners!

Thanks again for the chance to visit!


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I am really happy to have Mollie from Wild Olive joining us at Whipup today.

I’m so happy to be here today! When I was a little girl, one of my favorite games was a Pop-O-Matic game where you built peanut butter & jelly sandwiches out of foam. I still have the game, but the foam has started to age and I don’t want anything to happen to this dear memory. But I got to thinking, I bet I could make a similar game out of felt, and I’m sharing that with you too. Are you ready? It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Here’s what you’ll need:

PB&J template [download the PDF here]
– felt in cream, light brown and purple (or the jelly color of your choice!)
– embroidery floss in tan and black

To Make:
1. Using the templates, cut out all of the pieces.
2. Embroider faces onto the bread with black floss. (After all, this is a Wild Olive project, and I like things with faces!)
3. Use a running stitch to sew around two bread pieces with tan floss. Repeat for each set.
4. Sew a cube, with matching colors on opposite sides of the cube, and leave a small opening. Add just enough stuffing to keep its shape, then sew closed.

To play:
1. Take turns rolling the die to collect pieces and assemble your sandwich in order. The colors of the die indicate which piece you get on your roll.
2. You must start with a piece of bread, then add peanut butter and jelly in any order, then finish with a piece of bread (with a face!).
3. The first one to complete their PB&J sandwich wins!