knitting needle holder tutorial

Today I would like to welcome Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood to whipup, where she shares a great pattern and tutorial to make a knitting needle holder.

Hi everyone, my name is Shannon and I’m a wife and stay-at-home mom to my 3 yr old daughter & 8mth old baby girl, and am happily living near the ocean on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I’m currently learning how to sew (and showing you how too), figuring out html (yuck – can we say headache!), crafting (when I have time), parenting (when my 3 year old isn’t throwing tantrums), cooking (when i’m not breastfeeding on the couch), keeping the dreaded laundry pile down (don’t you just love laundry…not) and coffee in my system (definitely a necessity) all while sharing it with the world on my blog.. My blog, Luvinthemommyhood, is a friendly neighbourhood where crafty, creative moms can come to connect, enjoy a cup of coffee, some girl chat and share in all the fabulous, scary, hilarious & inspiring things that come along with living life in the mommyhood.

Most crafters & sewers agree that they can never have enough space to create in. We use closets, walls, desks, tables, floors, shelves and anything we can get our hands on to organize, stash & control the supplies, tools and books/patterns we need to happily make with. I myself started with a small corner and eventually told my hubby one day we were no longer going to use our eating area & that it was going to become my new “sewing wall”. I’ve since been revamping this tiny wall that is still triple the size of the one I had before. Do I have it all organized the way I want it yet? Nope, it’s been months & one of the last things I have left to tackle are all my knitting needles.

During this time my hubby and I have started watching the show “Everest: Beyond the Limits“. It follows a team of climbers as they conquer the tallest mountain in the world and overcome challenges as they do it. What the heck does that have to do with knitting needles you ask? Well….you know when you find one of those projects that you just can’t seem to get to work? It keeps you awake at night and you keep making it in your head over and over again and you just can’t seem to get the pieces to work right. This organizer was my Everest. It was my tall creative mountain to overcome.

I had to take on my own personal hurdles to get this organizer to work for me. My first few designs didn’t work out, my sewing machine kept breaking, my thread was cheap (I ran out of thread and begged the hubby to buy some from the dollar giant one night – big mistake) and causing all sorts of havoc, my laptop died for half a day with all my sketches and photos for the tutorial on it, my toddler got croup and I got sick, I ran out of daylight for my pictures on more than one occasion and the list goes on. But I’m not complaining. It challenged me. I had to push myself to climb my own little mini sewing Everest and anyone else who has followed the show Everest will understand when I say that I made it to the summit, almost ran out of oxygen and hit a traffic jam at the 2nd step but I made it home with no frostbite and I’m alive to tell the tale.

What I found so challenging when designing this organizer was that I knew I wanted something to hold ALL of my needles. That includes straight, double pointed and circulars. You knitters all know what I’m talking about. Heck you can even fit crochet hooks in it if you so choose and I probably will put them in here too. I also knew I didn’t want it to be a roll that when you close it or roll it all the needles you just spent forever putting away come falling out causing you to curse like a madwoman. Who wants to be resorting needles when you could be knitting? Not me. I also knew I wanted people to be able to mix it up based on the size, length and style of what they wanted to hold in the organizer. I also wanted it to hold all my knitting accessories and even a few patterns if I feel like it. So I decided to come up with a base design that you can simply follow and put your own spin on to suit your taste and organizing needs. Don’t you think it would look smashing in vintage fabric with ric rac on the pockets? Fun & so many options!

So don your creative gear, get ready for your next sewing expedition. It’s gonna be fun! I’ll be your team leader and lead you to make your own Everest. We’re gonna conquer those needles ladies and it’s gonna feel great!

Download Everest: The Ultimate Knitting Needle Organizer PDF pattern and tutorial here. [link fixed]