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Today I would like to write about embroidered lace commonly known as cutwork. Cutwork embroidery is an enchanting and eye-pleasing form of needlework where portions of the background fabric, as the name suggests, are cut out and discarded, while the edges are worked over in variety of stitches (satin and buttonhole stitches being the ones used the most).

Once used to decorate bed linen, this method swiftly turned into a trend of decorating clothing. There are many kinds of cutwork, the simplest being Broderie Anglaise while the most elaborate of all is the Reticella cutwork (see example below).

The basic steps into employing cutwork are the following:

Transfer the pattern onto a cotton piece or linen and use the reinforced running stitch to stitch it all.

Carefully cut the fabric paying attention to those portions having bars. Cut carefully under the bars.

Use the buttonhole / satin stitches to embroider the piece tucking the cut-out piece underneath. * Note: Some people make the stitches first and then when finished do the cutwork, which should be immensely precise or you may cut into the stitched part, thus I am safer with this method.

You are done. When washed and pressed with a hot iron the cutwork will gain a fabulous, rich and neat look.

Since I am addicted to colors I used cutwork for my dress and made a necklace.


lacy garland

by kath_red on 10/03/2009

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ravenhill has made a beautiful lacy garland – love this idea.

lace garland

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There is something undoubtedly soothing and fascinating about patterns that we find in our everyday life, be it natural or man made. My obsession with feminine lace patterns has evolved into my part time job/hobby. Building freeform patterns upon patterns to make an intricate motif is not only a creative challenge, but I also find the entire process unexpected and exciting.

The unpredictability of my free form crochet and tatting motifs come from the nylon cord’s physical attributes. Sometimes, a pattern that I had imagined in my head to be straight will turn into a triangle or a curve and the endless unexpected changes fuels my excitement. A lace pattern is exceptionally beautiful, but when you start to focus in on one part of the intricate lace, that part is more unusual and less subtle on its own. The more you dissect a lace pattern, the more varieties of motifs you can gain and through my free form motifs, I’m echoing the phenomenon that is singled out lace patterns.

There are two ways I start any of my motifs: linear or circular. Linear starts allow me to design horizontal motifs or a cascading motif where it blossoms like a flower. I personally adore circular starts because it results in shapes that linear starts would never be able to mimic.

My necklaces are often embellished with vintage buttons that adds another layer of pattern and design to the motifs. I often scour the brilliant ravine of vintage buttons on Etsy or when I’m traveling, I’m on the look out for unsuspecting antique stores. Aside from crochet and button patterns, I’ve started experimenting in asymmetrical chain placements that adds a twist to the necklaces. Always feminine and romantic, draping chains create a smooth and unexpected appearance and makes the entire necklace a focus point.

I highly encourage fellow crafters to abandon their instructional patterns and make patterns of their own. There is no better way to be creative then to be patient and make and learn from your mistakes, you’ll be amazed how fast you can create something free form when you just let go.

About the author: Puiyi Tiffany Pang is an Immunologist, on nights and weekends she is a full pledge creator for Muntedkowhai Necklaces. Originally from Hong Kong and New Zealand, Puiyi now lives in Portland, Oregon. You can follow the creative process of current pieces by reading the Muntedkowhai blog. Muntedkowhai Etsy store


I just love these frozen lace doily outdoor decorations for those living in freezing conditions – this idea is just magic – courtesy of resurrection fern.


love these adorable lace ornaments – pdf project sheet available for these at creative living.