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The crafty peeps over at Martha’s Craft Dept have come up with with a ripper here. Great card idea. Link to tutorial.


Over at my mate Martha’s website they have these 2 free patterns from the book “Sock and Glove”. Link.


Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts: An A-to-Z Guide with Detailed Instructions and Endless Inspiration by Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Potter Craft (March 31, 2009)

What a mammoth tome [tomb] of a book, every conceivable craft has a few pages of instructions, necessary and a couple of projects to get you started on your new craft obsession. Of course sewing, knitting, needlework and crochet could not possibly be covered and still leave room for other things, so these crafts are not included. Instead there is everything else you could possibly think of.

Soap making just might be my next major obsession, then there is wreath making, quilling, rope crafting, rubber stamping, paper folding, mosaics, block printing, tin punching and much more.

The section on scrapbooking is really quite lovely, with some original and sweet ideas for memory books, albums, and workbooks. I was really attracted to the colourful polymer-clay beads and buttons, the candlemaking section is full of really fantastic ideas like teacup candles and eggshell candles. There is a beautiful section on botanical crafts with rubbings, sunprints, leaf printings. Silk screening, heat embossing, pom-pom animals, paper flowers too many more things as well.

As you might expect from a Martha Stewart book, it is impeccably laid out, gorgeously designed and photographed and explained. Each topic begins with an introduction, list of materials and tools, and the basic instructions for getting started. Then there are different projects that expand upon the basics.

Then at the very back is a whole section on tools and materials and templates and resources. This is going to be a very useful addition to anyone’s craft library.


Martha has a video for this little lovely. Link.


Good things…Link.

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