maternity clothes

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Thank you Kathreen for inviting me to join your ranks of guest bloggers and letting me share the word about refashioning and especially refashioning for maternity wear. I began refashioning about a year ago when I joined the Wardrobe Refashion community. Unfortunately I wasn’t a member for long before Nikki sadly decided to close down the blog (the archive is still online though). I had been emailing with a couple of fellow members for a bit to see if we could find a way of keeping the community alive when I got the idea of creating the Refashion Co-op based around the concept of having several editors working together to build a community. Currently Refashion Co-op has 12 editors from all over the world. We all work together to provide a community where our contributors and readers can share their refashion and be inspired by other’s refashions. The best thing about having so many editors is that we have 12 times the creative energy to build up the community. We somehow manage to keep track of it all by each having our own responsibilities. We are running a maternity refashion challenge to coincide with this post and we hope you will come over and join us in the refashioning fun.

But why maternity refashions? As I see it there are two reasons. I am pregnant in my 5th month and while I haven’t grown much yet there are already certain clothing items in my wardrobe I can’t fit anymore and because maternity clothes are quite expensive and with only a short wearing time. That’s the first reason. The second is the same reason that I began refashioning in the first place. I feel that there are enough new mass-produced clothes in the world already so I prefer not to add anymore. I have shopped in thrift stores for many years now and being able to refashion some of the clothes I find there means that there are a lot more fun possibilities. I also like refashioning from my own wardrobe instead of getting rid of clothes I can’t fit or don’t wear anymore.

So lets have a look at a couple of my favorite ideas for maternity refashions. First I want to talk about trousers. This is probably the first piece of clothing where you are going to need a bit of adjustment to fit into it. The big issue with trousers and being pregnant is buttons and sometimes zippers. They just sit there and gnaw into your skin and put pressure on a part of your body where the baby is already putting more than enough pressure, thank you! I tried making my own pair of maternity pants but didn’t have much luck. I will have to adjust them. You can follow my attempts at Eddie’s room. I have added a list of trouser tutorials where you can also see some more pictures of my own attempts at maternity refashion.

Next up is what to wear on your upper body once your tummy and breasts begin to grow. If you don’t wear too tight clothes to begin with you might be able to get away with using your previous clothes for a bit. But at some point this won’t do. For one thing you will stretch your old clothes and they won’t be much fun to wear once you get your figure back again. Furthermore, you might technically be able to fit your old t-shirts but may find that they unintentionally ride up. There are quite a few tutorials online for different maternity refashions of tops, shirts, tunics and dresses. A great place to start is the diy maternity blog by Megan Nielsen. She has done such a great job at collecting tutorials and ideas. Another idea is to have a look at the maternity refashion category on Refashion Co-op.

I hope this has inspired you to get into refashioning whether you are pregnant or not.