After a five year wait, Megan Reilly returns with her new album The Well, out April 24 (Carrot Top Records). Megan is a mother, artist and musician, her new record is inspired by these three facets of her life. Website :: Tumblr :: Sew the Threads into Your Heart – from her latest album.

When I was younger I was a visual artist. It wasn’t until about the age of fifteen I began playing guitar, writing songs and taking singing seriously. Music always inspired art for me. Many drawing and sculpture assignments were finished late in the night listening to the music that inspired me, eventually convincing me to drop out and pursue it. I was a Photography major in college. I loved sculpture and painting. I learned how to weld, gesso a canvas and think conceptually about what I was making. I studied Art History and I took every art elective possible until I had nothing left but Geology and Speech left to complete my degree.

When music took the place of art, I always felt something was missing. It felt difficult to balance them. Now that I’m a mother I’ve not only figured out how to juggle all I want to do (caffeine) but most importantly art has come back into my life. I made my kid a dollhouse and a puppet theater out of cardboard boxes, painted chalkboard paint on the walls of our apartment, learned to sew and I see how all of these things inspire me in a new way. And there’s no pressure. I feel productive and satiated. I thought it was just a distraction for a while. But the older I get the more I realize that who I am is someone that needs art to function. And having other creative outlets aside from music takes the pressure off songwriting.

I am not disciplined and that’s fine. Or maybe I’m disciplined to work like someone with attention deficit. I realized when making my most recent record with a 3yr old in the house, I worked whenever I could. I wrote a line of lyrics when she watched tv or was in preschool. Sitting down to make a quilt or puppet theater kept my mind busy and thinking creatively. I let go and the whole enchilada worked out and I made the best music of my life so far.

Years ago a teacher showed me Grandma’s Bottle Village-The Art of Tressa Prisbey. A lady in a moomoo digging through the junkyard to make art. She’s my inspiration.


what a sweet project – these knitted anklet bells – pattern here.

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When Justine offered five copies of the latest, and first full colour issue, of mixtape zine to readers, she asked readers to leave a comment about their own crafty inspiration mixtape. Here are some of my faves ( – and I will be checking out the songs asap)


1. obligatory mug of chai late
1. a couple of pages of inkblots, to doodle on for inspiration, turning them into faces and animals and flowers.
2. an empty house so I can sing as loud and as out of tune as I want
3. a pot of Darjeeling
4. pjs, hot drink & the information album by beck
5. a 15 min walk and pick up treasures, rocks, stems, feathers, anything.
6. glass of red wine
7. the necessary amount of dark chocolate to keep me chirpy all day.
8. a bit of trance music
9. All the windows open with a breeze blowing through the house and the sun making the air nice and warm.
10. David Bowie on my music player to counter the quietness of my sleeping children
Make Your Own Kind of Music by Mama Cass
11. Curtis Mayfield on the mp3 player
12. a gin and tonic
13. Chocolate, chocolate chocolate. No matter what form it is in – hot chocolate, biscuits – I think chocolate makes the world go round!
14. Feist’s 1234

what are your craft necessities?

So without further ado – the winners: {winners will be contacted via email}
a guided meditation with lots of silence and gentle, kind reminders here and there to come back to the breathing, come back to the breathing… :-)
a collaged very pink cover with handwritten text in big bold childish prints

Tina SK
No other plans for the rest of the day.
All the windows open with a breeze blowing through the house and the sun making the air nice and warm.

Mr X Stitch
One of my graffiti cross stitch projects that I desperately need to finish..!
Curtis Mayfield on the mp3 player.

Sarah F.
David Bowie on my music player to counter the quietness of my sleeping children
A traced copy of one of my son’s drawings, ready to be colored and embroidered

scrap fabrics
Feist’s 1234 but the Sesame Street version to keep the little on occupied while I finish that last [insert project detail here]

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