needle felting

Laura has a tutorial up for needle felting these christmassy gnome decorations.


Easy Needle Felting by Nancy Hoerner, Judy Jacobs, Kay Kaduce. Published by Sterling (March 4, 2008)

I have done wet felting in the past, although not so much recently, and I belonged to the local felter’s association, making rugs and hats – it was a very satisfying process. I had not tried needle felting before so I when I was given this book I was very intrigued and immediately searched for where I might find the needed supplies, as I wanted to get stuck straight into making some of the beautiful hats shown in the book.

The book starts with “a brief history of Ffelting” showing some ancient samples of felting – quite interesting. A felting glossary as the back, tools and safety instructions at the front are followed by instructions on how to make the felt fabric – it is all very clear and well illustrated.

The projects themselves are lovely and I am very keen to get started – I quite like the “bold traveller bag with a beaded flap”. There are quite a few bags followed by “needle felted hats” – it is these I was really excited about – as I do like to wear a hat – and am interested in making a cloche style hat using this method.

The next chapters go into making decorations for hats, jackets and other clothing. Actually if you have the tools and fibre there is no end to the different items you can make from felt. If you are a crafts person and like working with natural fibres you – you will find this book on needle felting very interesting.

About the reviewer: Janette spends her retirement working on all things yarn related. When not knitting, crocheting, felting or spinning she is slowly doing up an old weaving loom and plans to have a go on that as soon as she possibly can.