nerd crafts

bring out the geek in you and knit and crochet some of these fun, silly and strange patterns.

Math + science

binary scarf (image}
dna scarf
babies first dna model
knitted bacteria
math geek hat
linux scarf
linux mittens
Lorenz Manifold – ravelry link
knitted dice

sci-fi / popular culture

startrek potholders (image)
knitted darlek
R2D2 Beanie
space invaders socks BMP
Baby yoda hat [ravelry link]
mario brothers mushrooms
Magnetic Katamari Pattern
super mario toy
knitted tardis
space invaders hat
tardis socks [ravelry link]
wonder woman sweater
aviator hat
spiderman afghan
Doctor who (Tom Baker) Scarf
blue totoro toy
Transformers toque
dalek doily [ravelry] chart


tutorial for this super cute crochet yoda.


Fashion Geek: Clothes Accessories Tech by diana eng (from project runway). North Light Books (March 17, 2009).

I am totally into the whole new tech savvy fashion thing that is going on these days. Combining science with sewing – totally cool. This book ‘fashion geek’ has some fun, nerdy and cool (is that an oxymoron?) sewing projects for your inner geek – or if you are not that tech savvy – a perfect way to learn or to get your tech nerd partner involved in your crafty pursuits.

Along with some sewing basics – there is a also an electrical basics section – including soldering, and where these two meet up – how to sew in LED lights and battery holders.

The projects have the usual break up of sections into accessories and clothing – but these are not your usual projects – rethinking the traditional. Sewing some felt flowers onto your earphone plugs, making a flower necklace that hides your zip drive. I love the LED necklace and the music hat featured on the cover – where the ears hide earphones and the tail hides the cord. I love the magnetized buttons that light up when they are buttoned up. And another headphone fashion accessory – the headphone hoodie.

As well as some obviously very cool projects – this book has some excellent pictorial instructions – its very clear and concise and explains the new technology really well. Great book for a wide audience.