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I’m addicted to all things knitting, including magazines, books, and online magazines, patterns, and blogs. I’m so excited to become part of the online knitting world, taking over the reins so deftly handled by Sandi. I look forward to becoming a big part of your community, bringing you new techniques, projects, author introductions, tips and tricks, videos, knit-a-longs, insider’s info about new products—basically, a host of information to increase your confidence and enhance the joy of knitting.


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[My brother Jonathan is a fully fledged IT nerd – and thank goodness for that – he has been doing some background stuff for me on whipup. As a favour he has asked me to post about an online application he has developed – its in beta testing mode at the moment – to manage your finances online. Its a nifty program and I think its an excellent idea for individuals and small business owners to keep a handle on finances… My brother is looking for beta testers right now – and yes it is all free…]

is a nifty easy to use web application that helps show you how your savings (or spendings) are going. If you have ever wondered how long it will take you to save for your renovation, pay off the mortgage, send your kids to a better school or hire an employee: mooleer can immediately show you what the impact might be on your bank accounts with a graph showing the best-case and worst-case scenario’s.

mooleer is in beta testing and is looking for feedback to make sure that the last kinks are worked out before the clamouring hordes descend. To that end mooleer is making a special offer from mooleer to whipup, there are 100 invitations available to the first users to sign up at mooleer. Use the invitation code “WHIPUP.NET READER”. [Thanks to all who signed up.ed] Other users who sign up will be notified when more invitations will be issued.

We are constantly working on mooleer to improve it, so stay tuned for new features, and it being made more widely available.

MOOLEER: free to use, 60-second signup, web-based, nothing to install. Try it today.