photograpy tips

taking photos of your goodies – either to sell them online or to feature on your site – takes a bit of getting used to.

1. good lighting is essential – I prefer natural light – but if this is not possible – make a light box – it diffuses the light when using artificial lighting and doesn’t give you harsh shadows – (drawings in motion shows you how to make a really simple and cheap collapsible light box at home via craft) (here is another diy lightbox and another version)

2. Neutral background and a mini studio – if you have a clean white wall and white bench – perfect – ditch the clutter and mess – but if not why not keep a piece of white cardboard of fabric to use just for this purpose. For some tips on setting up a mini studio in your house – making use of natural light by using a white backdrop and relectors – check out quaint handmade’s post here. [here is another homemade studio – no lighting needed]

3. Take crisp – non blurry photos – use a tripod if you have one – if you don’t try these methods and these to keep your camera steady (try this)

4. Get in close – become familiar with macro photography – you can do macro with your point and shoot camera – get detail shots, interesting angles, learn about depth of field – blur out backgrounds and keep the main subject in sharp focus.

5. Use photo-editing software to make final adjustments – tweak the color and exposure, crop photos in as close as you can without cropping out interesting details and format your photos for the Web. Don’t add any sort of border to your photos – grunge borders or blurry borders can be annoying.

Check out the storque for more tips on good photos.