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This is a quick and easy sewing project I had much fun with and I hope you´ll like it too. I came up with the idea of making a pin pouffe when I held some samples of woven ribbons in my hands, that I had designed for a German weaving mill and wondered what to use it for. The straight standing British Guards just seemed perfect to wrap around something, as some kind of banderole so to say.

Of course you don´t need a Guardian ribbon for making a pin pouffe, you can choose any ribbon you have at your fingertips, or just leave the ribbon away and use fabric only. It´s all up to you.

This is what you´ll need:

– one fabric rectangle of 34cm x 9 cm (Cotton fabric works best)
– two fabric circles with a diameter of 10.5cm (4inch) each (looks nice if you choose different fabrics for the top and the bottom of the pouffe)
– sewing thread
– woven ribbon 34cm (14 inch) in length (optional)
– polyfill stuffing
– sewing machine
– pins
– a stick for stuffing (a wooden spoon or chopstick works well)

1. sew ribbon to right side of rectangle fabric piece.
2. fold down about 5-10 mm (1/4-1/2 inch) of the rectangles short sides to the wrong side and sew across.
3. pin rectangle piece around the edges of the bottom circle (right sides facing).
4. and pin it the same way around the top circle edges.

5. sew along the bottom and the top edges.
6. turn the pouffe right sides out.
7. now stuff your pouffe firmly with polyfill, a wooden spoon or chopstick is helpful.
8. you can close the opening of the pouffe with one stitch using a strong thread.

Voilà, you are done!

For some extra cuteness you can now decorate your pincushion with deco pins. For example I made little red busses out of FIMO, or just pronge tiny pompoms to pins.

Have fun creating! I´d love to see your pouffes :)


The graphics fairy has a quirky little Phrenology Head Pin Cushion tutorial and printable pdf.


super lovely knitted pin cushion pattern and chart from slip slip knit – [thanks ina for the tip]

pin cushion


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