I’m gonna say it……ADORABLE. Link to tutorial.

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Emily sent in her tute for this cute mini pincushion: I have made a mini version of the popular stuffed pincushion flowers and show a few ways to use them. Hopefully soon others will make some too


Claire from matching pegs blog wrote in with this letter and a tutorial for this fantastic looking cushion – inspired by this pincushion tutorial.

Way back in April 2007 you posted a link to a tutorial for a cute little pincushion by May Britt. At the time, I tried it, made a mistake, and ended up with something completely different. Recently I tried it again and got it to work. It is amazing that 15 squares make such an unusual and beautiful shape. I contacted May and explained my intention to make a large cushion of the same kind, using the sewing machine and not paper piecing. With her permission I have written a tutorial for making such a cushion. I have discovered that the shape is called a tulip or lotus biscornu. Biscornu are often made by Cross-stitchers out of two or more squares of AIDA or linen that has intricate stitched patterns on them. I have called mine a “Star Fruit Cushion Tutorial” because it reminded me of the fruit.


how-to: pincushion

by craftapalooza on January 11, 2010

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Oooh a sweet way to reuse Moda ribbon. Link to tutorial.


strawberry pincushion

by kath_red on October 30, 2009

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I love this – and totally much easier pattern than the one I have been using lately – stuffed strawberry pincushion tutorial.