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I have a number of quilt related boards on pinterest – one of them is quilt blocks … here are few quilt block links found via pinterest.

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We have all been suffering from Man Flu this past week, today I am home sick with my boy, and we watched a bit of olympics and drank tea together for a while. I plan on watching the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice a little later with more tea too.

Otherwise there has not been a lot going on in the world of me. Post big deadline means that I am now procrastinating on a few things (the garden, the cleaning, some work) while I recover.

But have been cooking big pots of chicken soup or pea and ham soup – our new pressure cooker has been in use constantly – I have a new very simple recipe for White Chicken Soup, which the whole family adores.

And we have been eating rather a lot of these amazing Cara Cara oranges (pictured above next to regular oranges), they are a darker – pinky red, and very sweet.

Recipe for White Chicken Soup – good for a Malaise

  • You’ll need: A whole (free range) chicken, 1 or 2 fennel bulbs, 1 or 2 cans of cannelloni (white) beans (or cannelloni beans that have been soaked overnight and simmered until soft). Salt to taste.
  • 1. Pressure cook for 20 mins or simmer for 1 hour a whole chicken (add some bay leaves, pepper corns, and any vegetable peelings you might have – including the tough outside of the fennel if you like)
  • 2. Remove the chicken from the stock and leave to cool, and strain all the peelings, bay leaves, peppercorns from your stock. Scoop off (with a soup ladle) the layer of oil floating on the top.
  • 3. Chop your fennel bulbs into chunks (remove the coarse outside first), and place in the stock and add the beans too. Salt the stock to your taste.
  • 4. Remove all the meat from your chicken bones, and break it up into small pieces, add it back into the stock. Simmer for a further 15 minutes until the fennel is softened. Serve for dinner and have the leftovers for breakfast.

Crafty tutorials

Cool things I saw on Pinterest

Plaited bun for medium hair :: Liz Dyson designs :: Seaweed prints from Geninne :: Catarina Regina Tumblr site full of beautiful things :: Collapsable cardboard house for the kiddos :: Fashion Rogue website :: you can follow my pinterest boards here.

At whipup

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Finally slowing down this week, back to normal life, quiet days, pottering about. Today I have the company of my 12 year old daughter who is not feeling so well. A bit of a malaise. We are having a quiet day in front of the fire, folding the washing, practising piano and reading books – maybe watching a bit of olympics later on too. What do you do when you slow down?

It was me and my boy’s birthday week and we celebrated simply, with good friends, homemade gifts and delicious food. I lucked out this year and treated myself to a new wood fire, we uhmed and ahhed for so long over whether or not to get one – and now I keep thinking – why did we even hesitate – it is so glorious, the house so warm, the atmosphere so cosy – I just love it.

At whipup

  • We finished the creativity series at Whipup this week and it was hell good – I encourage you to browse all the articles – I have a resource page of them all right here.
  • We also had a guest post from Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut the authors of the new book Improv Sewing, they discussed creativity and offered a free project from their book.
  • We also had a wonderful guest post from Heather Swain the author of Play These Games, she discussed the hidden benefits of playing games with kids.
  • And I also interviewed Ann Shayne, one half of Mason Dixon Knitting, about her new self published book and the process of self publishing.
  • We also participated in the book blog tour of Cast On, Bind Off with Leslie Ann Bestor, Leslie discussed her journey towards writing this book.

Inspiration boards

My pinterest boards were reorganised this week. I made some new boards, deleted old pins that no longer interested me and moved them all around to make them easier to digest. Are you on Pinterest? I am thinking of occasionally mentioning some of my new favourite pins every now and again. For example Pickled figs in balsamic vinegar and the Traveling quilts.


We are reading The Apothecary as our family novel at the moment – such a great book! Adventure, science, a bit of magic and a tiny bit of innocent romance too. I’d say this book would be perfect for 9 and up – my two are 10 and 12 and are greatly enjoying reading it (as are we adults).

And speaking of books for curious kids, these two books have been keeping us occupied for a while now. What is not to love about The Boy Mechanic books, The Complete Boy Mechanic has 359 things to build – as these projects were originally published over 100 years ago you can be sure of their entertaining even the most jaded computer game addicted lad. These games and activities are not prissy and not dumbed down, they are the original projects from last century. Fantastic stuff!

We are also really enjoying Australian Backyard Naturalist (it’s a National Library of Australia Publication). Visually interesting and filled with facts, stories and activities about Aussie backyard critters (birds and bugs, reptiles and frogs, worms and snails etc…), would make a great gift for kids interested in science and nature.

[Thanks to publishers and distributors and authors for sending me books to review, I don’t get paid to post reviews but I am an amazon affiliate] (Australians can purchase craft books online through can do books or booktopia or else browse booko for the best prices.)

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Since pinterest has changed their fine print I am happy to be back over there. And today I want to introduce you to the wonders of house decoration and home inspiration via pinterest boards. My ‘For the home‘ Board is full of whatever quirky homey things catch my eye – from wallpaper ideas, to barn yard doors to recycled timber tables.

Other homey boards you might like: Kayte’s ‘Home sweet home‘ :: Julie’s ‘garden‘and ‘home‘ boards :: Melanie has an extensive ‘home‘ and this ‘home’ board is wonderful too!

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