polymer clay

Sweet! And relatively quick to make, my kinda crafting. Link to tutorial.


BURGER! Yes I yelled that at you. How ADORABLE is it?! Flamin’ adorable. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m quietly counting down the days until my Christmas holiday. AAAh Mojito here I come. Link to burger.

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I’m a sucker for all things apple, so of course I was going to post this. Link to tutorial.

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book: Clay so cute

by kath_red on 15/09/2009

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Clay So Cute!: 21 Polymer Clay Projects for Cool Charms, Itty-Bitty Animals, and Tiny Treasures by sherri Haab. Watson-Guptill (July 21, 2009).

I don’t see many polymer clay books around – so was delighted to find this one so friendly. With a really good tools and techniques section for beginners, and taking you through the basics with projects ranging from super sweet and simple to more complex fiddly projects.

Sweet projects include candy cane inspired bracelets, cookie cutter pendants and rings, making your own buttons for jewelry, pressing shells for faux shell pendant jewelry and making your own wishing stones. Then there is whole miniature faux food jewelry thing which is so totally fun – tiny mini cupcakes and licorice allsorts charms, and the little robotic dolls are cute too.

I found the instructions and directions to be very clear and concise – I would have liked more miniature food charm projects – but maybe that is for a more advanced book. Lots of fun – perfect for teenage girls.


Eeek, itty bitty tomato. Link.