Easy Patchwork Potholder and Fabric Fruit Bowl

This duo of projects will add a touch of handmade style to your kitchen.

To make a pair of patchwork potholders:
2x 24cm /9.5inches squares of plain linen
2x 24cm /9.5inches square pieces of cotton batting (or wool blanket)
24 strips of scrap linen fabric (24×2.5cm 9.5x1inches approx)
250cm / 98inches of binding in a matching fabric
(To make binding: cut 6cm / 2.5inches wide strips of fabric and sew the strips together lengthwise until you have the required length. Then press the strip of fabric with a hot iron in half lengthwise with the wrong side facing inside.)

To make the fabric fruit bowl:
2x pieces of plain linen 24cm / 9.5inches square
2x pieces of plain linen 24x15cm / 9.5x6inches
2x pieces of patterned linen 24×10 cm / 9.5x4inches

Pins + scissors
Sewing machine + sewing thread

To make the patchwork potholders:

Step 1. – Layer the plain linen underneath the cotton batting, you will sew the strips directly onto the batting.
– Take 2 strips and place them facing each other in the centre of your batting square and sew down one side. Flip the top strip over (the right sides should be facing up) and press. Take another strip and place it right side down (wiht raw edges aligned) onto the last sewn strip, sew then flip over and press open. Continue in this way until your square of batting is completely covered. Repeat for your second potholder. Top stitch each strip if desired and trim your piece square.

Step 2. Bind the edges of the potholder
– Sew your binding onto the wrong side of the potholder, with the raw edge of the binding against the raw edge of your quilted square. Start at one corner and sew all around the edge (1/4 inch seam allowance). As you come up to the corners, stop sewing and fold the fabric into a 45degree corner then continue sewing along the next side. Proceed with the next 2 corners in this way.

Step 3. – As you reach the final corner where you began, fold the first bit of binding over to the right side before sewing the last bit right up to the corner. Stop and leave 10cm extra length of binding, before trimming. Press the binding over to the right side of your quilted square. Press the extra bit of binding so the edges are neatly turned in, then sew. Make a loop with the extra binding and pin it inside the binding on the right side of the quilted square. Sew the binding over to the right side of the potholder, enclosing your raw edges, and ensuring that the end of your loop is securely tucked inside the binding. You are done.

Make the fabric fruit bowl

Step 1. – Take your 2 pieces of 24cm / 9.5inches square linen and sew, right sides together on 3 sides.

Step 2- Take your 2 smaller pieces of linen and sew your patterned linen to the top edge. Press seams. Sew these two pieces right sides together on 3 sides.

Step 3 – Make a square base by taking the bottom 2 corners of your sewn linen square. Fold so these form a triangle and sew 10cm / 4inches across from each corner. Trim. Repeat for the other piece. Then press.

Step 4. Finish the fabric fruit bowl
– Turn one of the sewn squares right side out and place it inside the other square (right sides should be facing). Tuck it in neatly and ensure the seams are aligned. Sew around the top edge, leaving a 10cm / 4inche opening where you will turn it right side out.
– Pull out the inner bag and then push the other bag inside, so that the right sides are now facing outwards and the side with the patterned top is the lining. Press the top seam and then close up the gap by top stitching.

Fold out the patterned top of the lining so it faces outwards. Press and you are done. Use it in your kitchen to store nicknacks or as a pretty fruit bowl.

Resources: The fabric used here is hand screenprinted fabric from Australian fabric designers Ink and Spindle. www.inkandspindle.com.au


here are some yarny potholder patterns – [image from mynameisbea at ravelry]

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Great tutorial for making your own potholders. Link to tutorial.


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easy potholders

by kath_red on 30/01/2010

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I love the vintagy appeal of these easy potholders (could be placemat too) – get the tutorial here.