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by Admin on 10/11/2008

in Green Crafting

The thing I love most about empty prescription bottles are the child safety feature. I store lots of little craft items in mine and they keep needles, pins and beads out of the hands of my two year old!

The bigger ones are good for organizing pins and needles in my sewing box. The smaller ones are great for throwing beads and stitch markers in my knitting bag. I dressed them up with some cute paper and added labels to keep them all straight!

1. Measure around the bottle for the width of your paper. Measure from the bottom of the bottle to the edge of the child safety lock for the height. Trim and attach with craft glue.

Note: Because of the safety lock, the paper won’t completely cover the bottle. I used the label to cover most of the gap. There’s a little space under the safety lock that will show. If you want a completely covered bottle, trim a small piece of paper to cover the space.

2. Measure around the bottle from the safety lock edges for the width of your label. I used 3/4 inch for the height. Print these out on the computer or just handwrite them. Trim and attach with craft glue.

3. Trace the top of the lid for the size of your lid paper. Trim and attach with craft glue.

4. Fill with craft goodies and feel super resourceful!

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