While I am not a big jewelry wearer – I do like the occasional piece to make an outfit really special – why not whip up your own:

chiffon and chain necklace (pictured)
Frou Frou necklace
pea pod necklace
faux gold dino pendant
macrame necklace
leather leaf necklace
lace and pearl necklace
summer seashell and melon seed necklace
creative zipper necklace
leather leaf necklace
zig zag rope necklace
anthro inspired bead and ribbon necklace
cork silhouette necklace
yoyo necklace
tribal necklace
wrapped beads necklace
silhouette bird necklace
falling water bead necklace
wrapped string necklace
chain and ribbon necklace
ribbon and bead necklace
loops and washers necklace
anthro beads and ribbon necklace
ribbon necklace
knotted sea shell necklace
velvet and brocade charm necklace
brocade necklace
badminton necklace
woven flower necklace
frayed necklace
mixed media necklace
plastic canvas pendant
stacked crochet necklace
jersey necklace
upholstery and pearl necklace
pleated fabric necklace
leather chain necklace
silhouette necklace
leaf and branch necklace
friendship necklace
Tape necklace
jersey scarf/necklace
interchangeable zipper necklace
crazy bead concoction
button necklace
another button necklace
fabric button necklace
fabric pinwheel necklace
fabric covered beads
fabric and beads necklace

Bracelets and bangles and bands:
Leather armband
felt and yarn bangle
pvc pipe bangle
sailors knot bracelet
rose cuff
button bracelet
polymer clay bracelet
lucite flower bracelet
chunky beads and knots bracelet
upcycled leather bracelets
summer bracelets
shrinky plastic bracelet
crochet a bead and wire bracelet
leather cuff
quick fix leather band
wrist corsage
beaded bracelet
bling bracelet
volcano bracelet tutorial
turquoise wrap bracelet
striped bangles

Rings and earrings:
felt rose earrings
twisted wire hoop earrings
tassel earrings
scrap earrings
the flower ring
fly feather earrings
woven seed ring
eraser ring
paper clip ring
stitched jewel earrings
soda can earrings
mod podge ring
shrinky cat earrings

Family tree twisted wire brooch
jewel corsage brooch
button wire brooch
felt raincloud brooch
fabric rosette brooch or hair piece


Quick little crafty project. You could also use a matte medium if you wanted a satin finish. Link to tutorial.


Ok, try saying that title really fast over and over. Link to tutorial.


Laura has a fabulous clear tutorial for making these special seed bead rings.


love this eraser ring – super cute and useful!