soto softies

over the next couple of weeks we are going to find out a little more about the wonderful makers featured in the 2010 whipup calendarMaritza Soto is featured with her image of her loving softies.

Maritza Soto – also known as soto softies lives in Cambridge, MA (in the US).
Main craft of choice: sewing, specifically sewing softies
Craft hero: there are a few – Lisa Congdon, Hillary Lang (wee wonderfuls), Stephanie Congdon Barnes (little birds), Nicole (craftapalooza), Caro (splityarn)
Fave crafty materials supplier: ReproDepot fabric, Hancock of Paducah’s, A Child’s Dream Come True


I asked all our participants to answer a few questions about their creative process:

1. When did you start making/crafting, and who or what inspired that
first creative burst?

I first started seriously crafting about 3 years ago. I was inspired by all these wonderful crafty blogs. Once I picked up a few Japanese quilting and toy-making books, I started playing and experimenting more with design.


2. What would you say was that light-bulb moment when you discovered your ‘style’ and really hit your making stride?
I’m not sure. I would definitely say that I have a style, but I think it is still developing and growing.


3. Why do you make – what do you get out of it?
I have to admit, I am all about the finished product. I really enjoy photographing and playing with my softies once I finish them. I get tremendous joy from seeing other people appreciate them. I love how people of all ages respond to them at craft fairs; they always manage to bring a smile to someone’s face. That’s a great feeling, knowing that your work can do that.

Find out more about how to get your hands on a copy of the 2010 whipup calendar here.


Super duper generous and cute to boot! Thanks Maritza!!! Link.