For on-the-go stitchers a spot of embroidery is just the thing. Take along your bag of goodies with you to the couch, to the kids sport, to the dentist and you will always have a little something to keep you busy where ever you are.

Here are some delightful embroidery designs, ideas, patterns and tutorials I have come across lately – for your enjoyment and inspiration:

Download a cute little tree motif design from Lark Crafts for use in all sorts of designs. Found via I write it down – with some very sweet embroideries. Lark has more doodle stitch along motifs for you to try out – including these Woodland children and

Wild Olive has some sweet Tie embroidery patterns (for father’s day) on her blog. And if you go back through her pattern archive you can find lots more great embroidery designs – like this Tea design and this One lump or two. You can also find one of her designs – pumpkin spice latte – on whipup when she was a guest over here. You can grab the pattern for this spring fling design (pictured above) from Sunshine and Carousels.

Article on Cross stitch at the London evening standard. Via Crafty crafty where I also saw this internet sampler and these cross stitch your vote charts from My little stitches. Also you must check out her venetian cutwork rosette of Dilma Rousseff (pictured above). And find out about this cool project too – CR-3D – textiles or codes.

I discovered Denise Litchfield’s vintage fabric softies via Emma Lamb’s blog. Denise’s hand embroidered primitive softies are made with rescued fabric, lace and buttons and vintage feedsack fabrics. While at her blog I found these adorable stitched house brooches (pictured above).

Find lots of free embroidery designs at craft gossip – like this cross stitch flower design from doe-c-doe. And be sure to head on over to Bad birds embroidery pattern section – so much wonderfulness there.

I also love to sift through the Feeling stitchy flickr group and blog where they are running a June stitch-along – quick its not too late to join. You can find some great resources over there too – like stitch tutorials and sorting your needles. Speaking of great sites where you can get heaps of inspiration – make sure to visit MrXstitch (stitch artists and cool things), and Pin Tangle (patterns and tutorials).

So september has some very cute designs with tutorials to help you make them. Like this Pinocchio embroidery pattern (pictured above), her spring in a hoop design and her early Elephant design.

I love this cross stitch orange (pictured), Sublime stitching – totally metal design, this vintage transfers design website, these Entomologie designs (pictured) and available at the whatdelilahdid shop.

If you are now dying to learn embroidery – check out Carina’s e-books and her embroidery tutorials. And this post from Whipup’s archives Your guide to online stitch instructions.


I have lately been very drawn to the stitched line. Stitching as decoration, stitching as art, stitching as messages, stitching as contemplation. It holds a fascination for me – the mixture of practicality, tradition and art.

I recently received an amazingly beautiful book for review Machine Stitch: Perspectives, by Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating. It is published in the UK by A & C Black (2010), distributed by Allen and Unwin in Australia and about to be released in the USA in March this year. There is a companion book ‘Hand stitching perspectives’ in the works which I can’t wait to see.

Machine Stitch is a beautifully detailed book, big hard cover coffee table style, beautiful full page glossy images- with contributions by many experts in the textile field. In the introduction it says “Our intention was to reveal the breadth of practice, the joy of making and the strength of critical thinking to be found within this area.” and that promises a lot, which this book does not fail to deliver.

This book could easily have concentrated on textiles with art practices and historic museum perspectives, which would have been amazing – don’t get me wrong. However it goes further and explores the domestic and the commercial alongside the avant garde and the experimental. A gorgeous book to be treasured and read over and over.


September/October brings change of season, and fresh starts and frivolity and seriousness too. So for a break from whipup realtime I am introducing a few weeks of guest bloggers to liven up your crafty experience. To bring you something fresh, and hopefully invigorate you to make and do and be and think! Its going to be a fun few weeks so come along for the ride.

Today I want to welcome Mollie Johanson from the blog Wild Olive. Mollis is a freelance graphic designer by day and maker of things the rest of the times. She often features printables on her blog and through her etsy store. Her design background means she can create cool things like this bacon inspired fabric and this fern design which you can download for free.

I love the changing seasons, and look forward to each one. But autumn… that’s the best one. I could go on about the crunching leaves and the brisk air, but really, it’s all about the pumpkin spice latte. I love ’em, and I can’t wait until the day when I find out that my favourite coffee store sells them again. The thing about a beverage like this, is that it is the perfect companion for fall crafting. Specifically for me, give me some hooped fabric, embroidery floss, a needle, and a disconcertingly orange latte, and I’m a very happy girl!

And what could be more perfect than to combine these two loves, than an embroidery pattern declaring my love. If you share these feelings or know someone who does, then I welcome you to download the pattern I’ve created, and stitch and sip to your heart’s content.