Francesca wrote in telling us about her underspace storage idea:

The concept involves keeping jars, repurposing them as craft supply storage containers, and storing them away (and in the case of a small house: out of the way) by nailing the lids onto the under space of a shelf. Whereas this is not an entirely original concept, (I first saw it in a friend’s shop for storing hardware) I’ve used it in the house to store craft supplies, and I’m even beautifying the jars for display by engraving them with a Dremel tool.


All month we have had fabulous studios and crafty nooks and craft room features – I have been getting some fabulous ideas. Its obvious that one of the main resolutions for crafty folk is to reorganise, de-clutter, simplify or just get some more space in which to craft craft and craft.

After you have de-cluttered next you need to re-arrange. Ok – so you have pared things down a bit – thrown out a lot of rubbish and donated a lot of your stash to charity.

Take this moment to re-organise the furniture, decide on storage solutions – do you need more shelves – a tool box – perhaps an extra work bench – or you may need to get rid of furniture – is the crowed space getting you down?

Take some inspiration from these great storage solutions:

Old kitchen hutch is perfect : creative kismet storage cabinet : cabinet with doors to hideaway the stuff : cane basket stack is a great idea : cabinet with small shelves perfect for yarn : old lockers are a perfect solution : Ikea is always a good standby.

How to do it:
Visualise the space – move things around – you might like to situate your work area near the natural light – have a spare chair so others can chat to you or help while you are working.

If you only have a small space then prioritize and minimise – check your work bench is the right height and your work chair is comfortable – is the feng shui right – are the ergonomics correct – what about the lighting?


studio features

by kath_red on 16/01/2009

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Thanks to Candy and Chara for sending in these great pics of their gorgeous studios. You gals are soo lucky.

This is Chara’s studio: When they moved to a new city and were looking for places to live, they made it a priority find an apartment that had an extra room that could be turned into a studio/craft room. One of the main features of this room is the wonderful natural light – she has also made a lovely minimal inspiration wire right above her sewing space. Chara also loves her cutting bench – no need to clear the kitchen table whenever doing some sewing!

This is Candy’s space: Candy hand dyes a lot of her own fabric and needs space to store it all – I love the peg board above her sewing space – where she can hang her tools as well as any projects she is working on – it doubles as an inspiration board too. Candy also has neat storage ideas and her sewing bench was made by her talented husband – here is how he did it

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