I have a dilemma … it’s my studio, I love the light and big white walls which I use as a gallery space — but I need more shelves.

I have been pinning at pinterest – check out my studio inspiration boards here … it is a mix of texture, colour, light and storage. What are your priorities when setting up a studio? How much space do you need? Do you crave a warehouse, or do you just want a loft? Do you like a lot of light and big walls or do you like a cosy space filled to the brim with collections and books and textures. I sort of want it all!



2009 was a fabulous and productive year for whipup – so much going on in the crafting scene – we have trouble keeping up with it all – here are our most popular posts for the year … craft spaces.

In 2009 we did a getting your craft room organised series: Part 1: declutter part 2: rearrangepart 3: decoratepart 4: putting awaypart 5: work benchpart 6: small spaces


bitter betty shows us how to convert a vintage suitcase into your own mobile studio.

mobile studio

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Design*sponge has a sneak peak of Faythe Levine’s (author of Handmade Nation) eclectic and creative home. I love all the color and texture – her creative corner looks lived in and inspiring.


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All month we have had fabulous studios and crafty nooks and craft room features – I have been getting some fabulous ideas. Its obvious that one of the main resolutions for crafty folk is to reorganise, de-clutter, simplify or just get some more space in which to craft craft and craft.

Now that you have cleaned up and redecorated and organised and found a home for all your bits and bobs and your stash – you need to think long and hard about your work bench situation. Here is some inspiration to get you started:

jewelry bench : small fold out table : big L shaped bench – lots of space : trestle work table : sewing machine bench with curtain : draws with a bench placed on top : trestle table for a cutting bench : long benches opposite each other : specially designed sewing table : using ikea furniture : mini sewing corner : small corner sewing area :

craft room work bench

craft room work bench

craft room work bench

craft room work bench

Whether you have a dedicated craft room or a corner in the kitchen, having your table or work bench at the right height is very important. Make sure you are not stooping when working or you end up with back problems.

You may need an extra table to work on – I have two work tables – one with my equipment set up on permanently – with drawers etc and another multipurpose table used for design, drawing, cutting, writing etc. If you only have a small space then this extra table may need to be a fold up table that can be easily slotted away – or you may need to make use of the kitchen/dining table every now and again.

If you have a dedicated work room then have work benches set up either in an L shape or opposite each other means you can work more efficiently – spread your work out – have different stages or crafts going at the same time.

If you have a small desk set up in the corner of your kitchen or living room then you may want to be able pack up your tools easily and quickly – proper storage will be essential, or else have a neat curtain that can hide your ‘mess’ or projects away.