This is very much a personal choice, however, if you’re going to go to the expense and effort of sewing a quilt then I’d prewash. Smaller items that aren’t getting washed, well for me that’s another story. Weeks shares her insights and they are very helpful! Link to post.


hand eye magazine

by kath_red on 02/07/2009

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A new online textile magazine, hand eye magazine, with a wide variety of topics such as sustainability, traditions and history, and well as featuring artists and exhibitions and looking at materials and processes. Promises to be a fantastic read and resource. With articles such as ‘The old language of indigo‘ and inside indigo – looking at the processes and traditions of Indigo dyeing [If you want to indigo dying at home there is an indepth article here.]

090422_handeye-0149 _DSC7287.NEF_

Happy Chaos – the story of Cape Town’s Mielie Studio – turning scraps from South Africa’s fashion and textile industries into hooked rugs and other homewares : African Velvets – looking at the tructure and improvisation of Central African Kuba cloth.

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