Lately I have been thinking about all of the ways that texture is at work in any given piece of knitting.

First, there is the weight of the yarn, and the way that the yarn is spun, then there is the texture of the fiber from which the yarn is made, and THEN there is the pattern in which you knit it, from garter stitch, to stockinette, to something a little bit fancier. All of these things add up to create a beautifully complex story in the texture of the knitting.

The swatches pictured here were knit in the last couple of weeks with an exploration of knitting textures in mind. Pictured at top is a Merino wool blend knit in the King Charles Brocade pattern found here. Second from the top is a wool blend knit in the Pavilion pattern from the same site – you can find the stitch pattern here.

So what’s with the funny little swatches? Why all the blah-blah-blah on texture? I find it helps me when planning new projects to think of just one aspect of a process or craft, in order to expand my idea of what it is capable of. Currently, I am brainstorming ways of using knitting in the home. Not as a sweater, or even a tea-cozy, but maybe in a way I haven’t seen before. For example, could knitting be used as a textured wainscoting, or wallpaper? Anybody else been using knitting in unusual ways to decorate their home?

About the writer: Zoe Hartley Carter is a Canadian artist and crafter who blogs about photography, crafts, design, and sweet treats at Morning Toast.