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Marie LeBaron is a mother of 3 living in the Pacific Northwest. Always having a love of crafts, she enjoys getting messy with glue and glitter. There’s always some sort of project going on, her kitchen counter is often cluttered with crafts. When she’s not crafting and creating with her kids, she loves to run, read, and blog! She is the founder/editor of the blog Makes and Takes and has written a book Make and Takes for Kids (published by Wiley 2011).

I’m happy to be sharing a fun kids craft here at Whip Up. This site has been one of my favorite places to visit for a long time.

Today I’m showing how to make a fun foam heart bracelet. This project is from my recently published book, Make and Takes for Kids, that came out last fall. These festive bracelets are the perfect craft to make for Valentine’s day. Craft up a few for friends to share during this holiday of love.


  • Craft foam sheets in red, pink, and/or white
  • 9–10″ of yarn, any color
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)
  • Rhinestone stickers (optional)
  • Glitter glue (optional)
What to do:

1. Using your scissors, cut out 6–7 small 1 × 1″ (2.5 cm) hearts from the craft foam sheets. You will need 6–7 hearts per child, although the length of the bracelet may vary
for each child.

2. Use your hole punch to make 2 holes in each heart. You may have to press hard with your hole punch to get through the craft foam.

3. Wrap a small piece of tape around one end of your piece of yarn to help with lacing each heart and to prevent the yarn from fraying.

4. Lace the yarn through the foam hearts, weaving in and out of each hole. Lace up as many hearts as you need to fit the bracelet around your child’s wrist.

5. Once all the hearts are on the yarn, tie the two ends of the yarn together in a knot and trim the ends. Make sure you tie the bracelet so that it is big enough for your child to take on and off easily.


For more kids craft, creative ideas and activities go to the Action Pack website
Liz Noonan is an artist and crafter working north of Boston.  You can read about her and what she’s crafting up lately on her blog.

Valentine’s Day “Stuck On You” tutorial

Thank you for having me on Whip Up today!  My kindergartener’s class had run out of glue sticks, so I came up with this idea to combine a cute Valentine with a donation for the class.  You could also do this with pencils or crayons too.
  • Paper, glue sticks, glue dots
  • I used a cookie cutter for a template for the valentines, it ended up being the perfect size.
  • I also used a heart punch to layer and add the child’s name, but both of those things are optional.


  1. First, cut out your valentines and decorate them.  We used glitter pens and markers.
  2. Use your glue dots and put one on each side of your glue stick.
  3. Stick the Valentine to your glue stick.
  4. You’re done!  Easy, simple and a nice way to contribute something to the classroom.


For more kids craft, creative ideas and activities go to the Action Pack website

Today I want welcome Cate Holst as a guest blogger on whipup, Cate blogs at GoMakeMe and has an etsy store.

Are you one of those crafters/small business Mum’s whose lounge room is compartmentalised into sewing room, photographic studio, packaging and despatch office? The dining table overflows with design pads, paint, paper and kid’s homework? I’m a crafting tragic and my poor, suffering family are sympathetic to my passions. Ordered chaos? That’s the way I like to think of it

I love to peruse home and lifestyle magazines and read features on organisation (think Martha Stewart), clean lines of contemporary lounge rooms (think Vogue Living) and mouth watering food (think Australian Gourmet Traveller) and think ‘yeah right’ . These pictures are styled to the millimetre and the placement of elements are deliberated and debated between designer, stylist and photographer. I know, I used to be one of those people but I’m a realist. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have the perfect lifestyle and sometimes life gets in the way. But we can all dream….right?

In a previous life I ran a successful graphic design agency in Sydney. Working simultaneously on 20 or more design projects with up to 12 staff was the order of the day. Creative multi-tasking is ingrained, I guess my brain is wired that way. And now that the business has sold some ten years ago, I’m exceedingly happy to work from home at a slower, happier (and messier) pace so I can enjoy my family and designing is for pleasure, not to meet a brief or budget

At this point in time, I run a little Etsy shop Go Make Me selling diy projects and printable cards and my blog A Work in Progress takes most of my time and is thoroughly enjoyable. The plan for the future is to commercially print my designs and sell wholesale and perhaps look for a much needed little studio!

I’m thrilled to be working with Whip Up and envy Kathreen’s love for crafting. To celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day, here’s a sweet pillow box ‘For My Sweetheart’ to download and print. Package little organic Chocolate Hearts from Lindsay & Edmunds Handmade Organic Chocolates or Berry Macarons with a glass of Champagne and a side of Michael Buble. OK, Buble might be too smulchy but you get the picture.

Tools and materials
~ Pillow box template (Download the PDF template here)
~ Heavy digital paper or card stock (over 250gsm)
~ Strong craft glue or double sided tape
~ Scissors or utility knife and metal ruler
~ Bone folder
~ Large protractor

How to
1. Download and print the template. Cut-out outline with scissors or knife.
2. Sore along dotted lines with bone folder and ruler. Use protractor or a small bowl for the curves on the template. Fold all scores.
3. Use double-sided tape or glue on tab. Leave to dry and adhere.
4. Punch hole in one end and add ribbon (optional). Tuck in ends.


Oh this dude is adorable. Nice work Buggy. Link to tutorial.

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A totally sweet card from Janice (I can’t find her wrapping paper online, but it is AMAZING). Link to download.