Lark Craft’s upcoming book Heart-Felt Holidays: 40 Festive Felt Projects to Celebrate the Seasons is the follow-up to Fa La La La Felt. The book comes out in April, but Lark Crafts are starting the fun early by offering this Mushroom love brooch project by Lisa Jordan.

Mushroom love brooch project by Lisa Jordan

What You Need

  • Templates – see image below
  • Basic sewing supplies (needle, thread, thimble etc)
  • Turquoise, white, yellow, and red felted garment wool or wool felt, Plus dark gray felt (optional, see Tip)
  • White, red, turquoise, and yellow embroidery floss
  • Pin/brooch back
  • Fabric glue (optional)

What you need to do:

  • ONE: Using the templates provided, cut one small heart from the turquoise felt, one medium heart from the white felt, and one large heart from the yellow felt. Cut an additional large heart from the dark gray felt, and set aside. Use the templates to cut the two small half-circles from the red felt for the mushroom caps and the V shape from the white felt for the mushroom stems.
  • Tip: To simplify, cut the second large heart shape, which will be the brooch back, from the yellow felt instead of dark gray.
  • TWO: Using the photo for reference, position the mushroom stems on the turquoise heart, and whipstitch them in place with a single strand of the white floss. Add a few small running stitches down the center of the V to help define the two stems. Use one strand of the red floss to whipstitch a red mushroom cap on top of each stem.
  • THREE: Thread your needle with two strands of white embroidery floss and add a few decorative French knots to the mushroom caps.
  • FOUR: Stack the turquoise heart on top of the white heart, and stitch them together using the whipstitch and three strands of the turquoise floss. Then stitch this stack of hearts onto the large yellow heart, using three strands of red floss and the running stitch. Set aside.
  • FIVE: Sew a pin back to the felt backing piece. (If you like, you can cover the base of the pin back with a small felt heart.) Then position the heart stack on the backing, tacking it in place with the fabric glue if desired. Begin sewing the stack to the backing using a blanket stitch and three strands of the yellow embroidery floss. Stitch around the entire piece, hiding the knot beneath the stitches.


I am very happy to welcome Laura Nelkin from Nelkin Designs, who is going to show us how to knit some cute wee hearts for Valentines day.

I love love LOVE to create and I split my work hours between my knit design venture – Nelkin Designs, and teaching knitting across the US, I am also the design director at Schaefer Yarn Company.

Oh my, how fun to knit up these wee Lil’ Hearts. Every year at Valentine’s Day I surprise my loved ones with tiny hand-made valentines, and this year they are getting these. The girl will get hers tucked into her lunch box, my honey will find his nestled among his tea bags when he goes to make his morning cuppa! You can make a slew of them and string them as a banner, or tie a ribbon through one and use it as a present topper or wine bottle accessory. Use your imagination on how to surprise your Valentine… It will take you less than an hour to make one of these, so sit down with a cup of hot tea and whip up some love with your needles.

Download the PDF pattern right here.

Wee Lil’ Hearts

These wee hearts are knit in the round with 3 double pointed needles. Each side of the heart is on one needle, and the third is used as the working needle. They are knit at a dense gauge to give the heart structure, and so the stuffing doesn’t show! Adding beads is optional… I do love that bit of bling, but it is not necessary!

There are video tutorials for some of the techniques used in the pattern, casting on in the round over a small number of sts and placing beads here.


some handmade love courtesy of the creative folk in the whipup flickr pool.

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ooah so cute – the littlies will love these – make some teeny tiny heart babies this valentines. Thanks Rachel: These simple valentine babies are made with odds and ends from the craft room and natural materials. An acorn cap, some felt, fabric, and a matchbox. Simple sweet Valentines.

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Trish sent in this stylish valentines themed table cloth: The fabrics are from French General [+ others] and perfect for Valentines Day. I’m a Mom and it’s meant to be a “cheat” on quilting – getting the look without all the work.

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