This process and portrait series of videos on etsy sellers at the storque is simply inspirational. I saw one on meet me at mikes then went over to etsy and have since spent almost the whole morning watching them. From ceramic artists to doll makers to organic soap makers – there is so much to see.

I love seeing Mimi Kirchner discuss her doll making process and take a peek into her studio : Kim Westad is a ceramic artist who explains her process – she has a gorgeous studio and her work is amazing : and sustainable wood jewelry artist PrasseinDesignStudio shows her process – really fantastic.

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Thread Heads were challenged this month by the Janome Sewing Machine Contest. To win, viewers had to send in one of two videos – either explaining why they need a sewing machine or their best DIY tutorial.

The response was incredible with over a hundred submissions from extremely talented and devoted DIY-ists from all over the world. Threadbanger dedicated an entire week to showing their videos and in the end gave away three sewing machines instead of just two.

The talented winners were Mateusz Krol in Poland, Georgeanna Hall in Korea, and Zachary Hutchinson and Kearsten Hall from the U.S.A. For those who didn’t win or enter, the Threadbanger sewing machines are available on the Threadbanger website under Sewing Machines.

Contest entries: Tuesday: Janome Sewing Machine Contest Submission: Thursday: Viewer Lesson: How to Make a Zipper Shirt: Friday: Janome Contest Winners: How to Make a Rad Shirt:

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Steampunk Fashion

by Admin on 02/09/2008

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Steampunk fashion has made quite an impact on the Threadbanger site with a whole week dedicated to it. Steampunk is a subculture of fantasy and speculative fiction in which the steam technology and style of the Victorian era combine with inventions of the modern day technology. This lifestyle is both very futuristic in the sense of innovation, yet retro in fashion and materials used.

This week on Threadbanger, you’ll find 4 tutorials on how to re-create steampunk fashion and decor.

Steampunk Goggles :: Steampunk Gloves :: DIY Terrarium :: Steampunk Outfit

Also, the good folks over at Indy Mogul made a DIY Steampunk binoculars video.

From Lindsey Chen at Threadbanger

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