Sweet paul and his doily obsession – loving this headband made from doilies.

doily headband


I totally love the doily garland – wonderful for weddings or whatever. The tutorial is at project wedding.

doily garland

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This week on Décor It Yourself, Meg Allen gives a great and easy tutorial on how to make “Save the Date” cards for a DIY wedding.

These of course can be translated for any event in which invitations are in order:

First, take some left over card stock and a rich colored contact paper. Draw the words “Save the Date” and the date of your affair on the back of the contact paper.

Cut out the words neatly and arrange on four pieces of card stock. Then head to a photo booth and get snappin’. With a little computer arrangement and scanning of the strip(s) you like best, they can easily be turned into the front of a post card invitation.

Color adjust, size, and align your photos for a postcard template with a nice and easy greeting on the back for your friends and family. Four postcards can fit on one piece of paper. Easy and inexpensive for a personal and charming DIY wedding.

To see the full tutorial and check out the highlights of the week visit

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