This is the first sewing tutorial I’ve ever written. I almost gave up several times!

About the author: Joy is a work at home database programming Mom (with a capital M of course), of a 6 year old daughter. She hadn’t sewn for over 20 years and doesn’t know how she did without it – she blogs at 100 spools of thread

Outside Fabric good quality cotton fabric: 1 piece 9″x12″, 1 piece 9″x18″, 1 piece 7″x8 1/2″, 1 piece 2″x14″, 1 piece 3/4″x5″
Lining (cotton broadcloth) – 1 piece 9″x12″
Interfacing (Fusible Fleece) 1 piece 9″x12″ and 1 piece 7″x4 1/4″
1 Button (here used 9/16″ mother of pearl with a metal shank)

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