Diana wrote in: A few months ago, I read this tutorial by Shira Cooper for Upgraded YoYo’s which inspired me to make a YoYo bracelet (or two …)



About the designer: Shira Cooper is an Israeli craftswoman and jewelry designer, but since becoming a mother she mostly sew dolls and other soft objects. Find her online here .


Making a yoyo is such an easy and popular craft, why not make it a bit more rewarding? Let’s make a double layered yoyo!

1 Start by cutting two circles of fabric, about twice the size of the desired yoyo. Two different but complimentary patterns or colors can enhance the effect and I believe cotton is the most suitable fabric for this task. I like to cut the circles with pinking shears for a festive look.

2. Lay your circles one on top of the other, wrong sides together (yes, I’m sure).

3. Now sew just as you would sew a regular yoyo, no shortage of yoyo tutorials on the web. I don’t use any plastic or cardboard tools, I’m pretty sure you can use these tools with the upgraded yoyo as well. (yoyo tutorial here)

4. Take three things into account:
– The amount of fabric left at the edge will affect the look of the yoyo. You will need to make one yoyo and see what results from different width edges.
– The side you choose sew on now will determine the patterns/colors of the outside and inside. This will also get easy to determine with time.
– Two layers of fabric are more difficult to gather at the final step, use a needle with double thread, tying both threads onto a single thread.

5. When the circle is sewn all around, pull the thread on both sides, gathering the fabric and then tie the thread.

6. Your yoyo is now essentially done. As it is, this yoyo is more decorative than simple yoyos, but you can add more to it. Sew or glue a button onto the yoyo. When I glue a button onto a yoyo I use my hot glue gun but first I have to use the thread that remained right after tying the knot. Instead of cutting the thread, I sew through the back of the yoyo (both layers) and bring the needle back up again. I do so several times around the opening. This will prevent the pull of the button on the yoyo and give it a better look. Now glue on the button. You might like to glue on a magnet on the back side. This method of yoyo making can also be used with only one layer of fabric:

Now you can go yoyo crazy!


lovely tutorial for this yoyo bag from craftstylish [via sharonB]

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